Hundreds of Colorado elk wear GPS collars, hunting cows to control them, while CPW fights to reverse the herd’s decline.

Colorado wildlife managers are galvanizing efforts to reverse elk decline in the southwestern quadrant of the state by controlling hunting and protecting wild habitats, with the goal of increasing calf survival amid severe droughts and development. And the Colorado Parks and Wildlife teams are launching an unprecedented statewide elk-spotting program. They will collect “several hundred” … Read more

How Medicaid’s mission creep is undermining real health care

Most doctors, myself included, know that the patient Zip code predicts his or her life expectancy. Undoubtedly, life expectancy nationwide would rise with less poverty and more low-cost nutritious food, stable housing, sanitation, and exercise. But it is wrong to assume that the healthcare system can fix these societal problems. The federal government wants Medicaid … Read more

How a shortage of mental health staff is delaying justice in Utah courts

Salt Lake City – As the leaves changed color and fell last month, Matt Gwether sat in a garden surrounded by evidence of the passage of time. He said, “I have this open sore that I just want closed.” With the onset of fall, Gwyther faced another holiday season without his husband, Dennis Rowley Gwyther. … Read more

Tae Bo “gave me the confidence” to overcome a learning disability, says Billy Blanks, 67

Billy Blanks created a global fitness phenomenon with Tae Bo, which is still going strong after nearly 40 years. (Getty Images; Designed by Caitlin Murray) for Billy BlanksTrue fitness is as much about building spiritual strength as it is about the body. “Life is not easy,” the creator of Tae Bo martial arts-based training told … Read more

Purdue large animal surgeon wins $10,000 equine research award and earns Ph.D

Friday, December 2, 2022 Dr. Michele Tucker (center), assistant professor of large animal surgery at Purdue University, holds a check for her award money with Dr. Renate Wheeler (left), dean of the University of Calgary’s College of Veterinary Medicine, and Dr. Renaud Legellet, an equine internist and sports medicine physician who shares Dr. Tucker’s His … Read more

An “assassination attempt” on Pakistan’s envoy in the Afghan capital | News

Pakistan’s prime minister says an “assassination attempt” has targeted a senior Pakistani diplomat in Afghanistan, as tensions intensify between neighboring countries. Pakistan’s foreign ministry said on Friday that the head of mission, Abid Rahman Nizamani, was the target of an attack on its embassy compound, adding that a Pakistani security guard was seriously injured in … Read more

TikToker went viral explaining why anyone in the US making less than $25 an hour would be in serious trouble. He has a point. But you can prove him wrong

‘You should be terrified’: TikToker has gone viral for explaining why anyone in the US making less than $25 an hour is in serious trouble. He has a point. But you can prove him wrong As if we had nothing to worry about. The recession seems to be getting bigger and bigger, and it will … Read more

The acquisition of Activision would be beneficial for Microsoft and the stock market in general

Microsoft’s (MSFT) nearly $69 billion cash bid for video game giant Activision Blizzard (ATVI) has come under intense scrutiny since it was first announced in January. But at least one Wall Street research firm says the deal is very likely to be completed in the near future. We tend to agree. While the club that … Read more