2008 NHL Draft Take Two: Ninth Overall Pick

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and it allows us to look back and wonder ‘what could have been’. Despite trying to achieve perfection, exploration and draft picking are far from an exact science and, at times, don’t work the way teams – or players – intended. for every Patrick Kingthere Patrick Stefan.

We look back at the 2008 NHL Entry Draft and ask how that might rock knowing what we’re doing now. Will the first round stay the same, or will some late picks jump to the top of the board?

The results of our paraphrasing so far are as follows with the original draft in parentheses:

1st overall: Stephen StamkosTampa Bay Lightning (1)

The second in general: Drew DottieLos Angeles Kings (2)

3rd overall: roman joussiAtlanta Thrashers (38)

Fourth overall: Alex PetrangeloSt. Louis Blues (4)

Fifth in general: Eric CarlsonToronto Maple Leafs (15)

Sixth in general: John CarlsonColumbus Blue Jackets (27)

Seven in general: Jacob MarkstromNashville Predators (31)

8 overall: Braden HoltbyPhoenix Coyotes 93

Coyotes’ original 2008 8th overall pick, Mikkel Boedeker, had a long career in Phoenix, but belongs squarely in the “disappointing” category of the top ten picks. There was no bankruptcy by any means, having played more than 700 games in the NHL, he had only 327 points in those 709 games. Those numbers aren’t great, but they are good enough for a 15th place in scoring between the class, which was poorly for the forwards in particular. general. It also meant that Boedker’s offense would have been an easily replaceable asset in free agency, so it’s reasonable to wonder if taking Holtby and his Stanley Cup winning pedigree would have made a difference to the Coyotes’ fortunes.

While the organization has never had the elite talent for goal-scoring and failed to build consistent performance from year to year, goal-directing was usually the least of their worries. Right after the draft, Phoenix had the best of three seasons Ilya BryzgalovHis career, including a Vezina Cup nomination in 2009-10. After his passing in 2011, Mike Smith He broke out on the spot, guiding them to the Western Conference final in 2012. Over 310 starts in the desert, Smith served the Wolves well with a 0.916. While you’ll hear a bit of controversy that Holtby was the best goalkeeper among these three, the promotion is marginal enough that it probably won’t make much of a difference to the team’s fortunes.

The New York Islanders climbed to the plate in the ninth general pick, trading four points on the day of the draft in total from the fifth general selection. It was a move that worked very well for them in hindsight. Their selection was ninth overall Josh Bailey, who remained third in scoring among the attackers of the class on the day. When comparing Bailey’s career to that of the fifth comprehensive choice (lok chinand the seventh general selectionColin WilsonThe one they dealt with that day, was a smarter move than the general manager at that time Garth Snow. Bailey, who has been a pro at the Isles since the day of the draft and is currently a substitute captain, has 555 career points and will play his 1,000th game as an Islander this season.

Bailey made his NHL debut in November of 2008, just five months after being drafted, and played nearly an entire season of the NHL when he was 19 years old. He had 25 points in 68 games during his rookie season, good enough to finish ninth in scoring over a terrible team of Islanders that finished with just 61 points. From that point on, Bailey was a surefire threat to shoot anywhere between 30 and 50 points in an entire season. He scored a career high of 71 points in 76 games in 2017-18, 15 points above his season best total next season.

Despite an impressive career as an islander, there may be better picks available so far on the board in ninth place overall for New York. there Jordan Eberlwho ended up being an islander anyway after several seasons in Edmonton, and is the only striker ahead of Billy in terms of career points from the unnamed chapter. Stephen Stamkos. There is also the current Minnesota Wilde Jared Spurgeonwho has always been one of the NHL’s hottest defensive players.

So we ask you, who should make New Yorkers the 9th overall pick in 2008? Make your voice heard in the survey below.

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