A new challenge for the Metaverse to enter the universe

Im Byung-min / columnist
Im Byung-min / columnist

The average number of daily users of Roblox is around 42.1 million as of the first quarter of this year, and according to big data analysis, the number of monthly users of Roblox continues to increase. Metaverse has huge potential for monetization in development and usage.

According to industry estimates, the global market for virtual reality (VR) will grow to $38.9 billion by 2030, and GV Research predicts that the Metaverse could generate $1 trillion in cumulative value is not a myth.

The biggest advantage of Roblox is that the difficulty of most games is low. It is interesting that 54% of users who make and enjoy games are under 12 years old.

Due to the nature of network-based platforms, securing a large number of users is more important than initial profitability. For ZEPETO, Ifland and Universe, more than 80% of users are teenagers, and more than 60% of Roblox users are under 16 years old.

The future of the Metaverse is that people in their forties will be in their seventies (given that people reach 100) rather than teenagers who should research and develop ways to function while enjoying the Metaverse. The key to the Metaverse platform’s leap forward is to create a virtual Metaverse productivity space that can bypass users in their teens and twenties.

However, it will outgrow generations from the forties to the seventies, and the Metaverse could be a powerful driving force. The Digital Twin Metaverse Virtual Education pre-educates medical students to prevent microscopic errors in the interaction between virtual and reality prior to an operation directly in the surgeon. In addition, in the field of health sports, live broadcasts that connect on and off are currently used.

Now, sports production activities must be moved from the Global Metaverse to the Metaverse space, and the leap to the Space Olympics can be achieved by transferring a kind of 33 Summer Olympics and a Type 13 Winter Olympic sports from reality to the Metaverse space. It will be the world’s first space sports Metaverse Olympic Games where you can enjoy space sports in space, it will be a real new Mataverse force that the Metaverse will go to the virtual space of the universe.

The Metaverse, which would have been unimaginable only a few years ago, is a link between virtual reality and reality, and the new world embodies social values, mobility, and collaboration at the level of virtual reality. Metaverse has created a world where you can chat with your mates on the beach, meet up at the space station, teleport from your office in Sydney to New York, and send an AI-powered avatar to take your place if you feel overwhelmed by the many meetings scheduled for the day. Virtual reality to ease the task is on my mind. You can think of the Metaverse as a virtual reality version of today’s Internet, where people typically interact with each other through virtual “avatars” and use networks of 3D virtual worlds as virtual reality social connections.

Homo sapiens appeared in Africa about 300,000 years ago, and all humans throughout history have been nomads dependent on hunting and gathering. Here, as a human, the highest value is to make us feel transcendent, to see the channel through which we feel God and the basic sense of transcendence in man to see a different dimension of religious faith.

A person cannot erase the desire for essential transcendence within him. Humans feel the love of God and believe in the mysteries of nature and the grass. Homo sapiens had the cognitive ability to work together and to believe in the unseen in each other’s communities. Belief in the community’s message that it is toxic so don’t touch it has grown through appreciation, gratitude and love. The feeling of solidarity between people who do not know each other and believe in each other under a common deity creates a hypothetical deity.

The sense of communal solidarity with one another is the same in Christians, Islam and Hinduism. Homo sapiens believes that there cannot be multiple Gods in the transcendent universe, since they have the epistemological capacity to believe in what cannot be seen in each other’s societies, and religion in transcending the Metaverse means that there is only one God who created the universe. Because there is only one person who created it. Corey, Mr. IBM has been preparing for the transcendental Metaverse universe religion about a few years ago.

Anyway, I would like the current baseball’s basic storytelling technology to be designed and the distance from the main base to the first base be 27.4 meters, and the distance from the Earth to the moon is 380,000 kilometers, so in outer space, the distance to the first base can be set about 15 million how much. Since the speed is 300,000 km per second, it would be interesting to set the distance for a first base runner to about 50 seconds at the speed of light, where you have to hit, run, and jump on base in 50 seconds until you hit .

Metaverse also need to create new equipment or gadgets used in space baseball, if they are sold in the baseball sports Metaverse store, we need to buy with NFT, create new hard-earned activity, and in combination with VR design platform, in this source we can, on Example, creating a real sports game. Metaverse baseball economic activities will be possible with people being transported to and visited by the Metaverse world and with space helmets, space balls and space baseball bats used in the newly created space.

Although still in its infancy in many ways, Metaverse is suddenly a big business, and giants like Meta (Facebook) and Microsoft are creating their own virtual worlds, or Metaverses, such as education, training and health games. Metaverse uses many technologies extensively including virtual reality platforms, games, machine learning, Blockchain, 3D graphics, digital currency, sensors, and VR. Metaverse development uses virtualization to create 3D renderings from computer images, or by distributing holograms specifically designed to project people and images into real space, and computer-generated holograms that do not require a headset are making rapid progress. We are also moving into the era of touch, which allows users to interact with virtual 3D objects and experience sensations such as movement, feel, and pressure.

Avatar for AI in Metaverse

The Metaverse is likely to reshape the world of work in at least four major ways. First, an immersive new form of team collaboration, second, the emergence of Ai avatars with new AI support, third, rapid learning and skill acquisition of Metaverse twins through virtualization technology, and fourth, the rise of the Metaverse economy with entirely new companies and be business roles. Metaverse coworkers are not limited to real coworker avatars, more and more digital coworkers will be joining in with highly realistic human-like avatars. Ai avatars will act as advisors and helpers, allowing them to perform various high-value quests and tasks on the Metaverse.

Now it’s about finding people who dance well and people who have good voices to create an independent performance team on the Metaverse. Live concerts by real artists on the Metaverse can attract huge crowds, and organizers can create NFTs in the form of paid tickets. We can also get sponsors for free events. For example, small businesses can organize big concerts where attendees can attend for free, event sponsors can get sponsors for free events to reach new audiences, and do new Metaverse party activities like BTS. will be. The accumulation of technology to enter to create a new challenge from the Metaverse in the space of the universe will require several million SNS platform experience with the engine.

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