A VIP is in custody as Baltimore County Police investigate a suspicious device at a school, motel

Baltimore – A person of concern is in police custody after a suspicious device was found in a car near Pine Grove Prep School in Baltimore County.

Officers also investigated a suspicious device at a hotel 20 miles away in Woodlawn. The suspicious package forced two schools in Baltimore County to evacuate. Police said there was no threat to the community at the time.

In a related investigation, Chopper captured 13 police videos focusing on a chest outside one of the hotel rooms at the Rodeway Inn in Whitehead Court in Woodlawn.

The police closed off the surrounding roads and forced the guests out of their rooms.

Helicopter 13 flew over the Rodeway Inn where Bomb Squad officers used two robots to pull items from the motel room. Just before five in the evening, the officers went into the room to pull more materials.

Several hours later, Baltimore County Police were still trying to determine the motive behind the threat and the charges the person in question might face.

“We’re trying to figure out what the suspect actually meant and why they were in two separate areas,” a spokesperson for the Baltimore Det County Police Department said. Trae Corbyn told reporters during a news conference Tuesday night.

The officers had taken controlled measures to investigate the suspicious device that made a loud bang on Tuesday afternoon.

Corbyn declined to describe the “machine” that was the center of the “accident”.

“I can’t go into specifics of the device, but our Hazardous Devices teams have deemed the device no longer a threat to society at this time,” he said.

The officers did not say how close the expulsion was to the school. The county police informed the public on social media when they defused the threat.

“You may have heard a loud noise in the Pine Grove MS area. This was a proactive measure controlled by #BCoPD “To address the suspicious package,” Baltimore County Police said on social media.


Police responded to the intersection of Old Harford Road and Proctor Lane in Parkville. The officers were also investigating block 1600 of Whitehead Court.

Security Boulevard is also closed from Woodlawn Drive to I-695. Police closed all Whitehead Courthouse, along with Whitehead Road between Security Road and Whitestone Road.

Chopper 13 spotted police at the scene in Woodlawn operating a booby-trapped robot.

Middle school students were transferred to Parkville High School for a reunion, and elementary school students were transferred to Loch Raven High School.

“Take them first to the elementary school as a staging area, from there to the high school where parents will meet their children,” said Charles Herndon, a spokesperson for Baltimore County Schools.

Police said all the students are safe after being evacuated out of caution.

School officials told WJZ that they were able to quickly contact parents and get students out of the classroom to safety.

Officials said school is expected to resume on Wednesday.

“As far as we know, we’ll have a class tomorrow, but we still have a lot of information to go through,” Herndon said. Students and staff come first.

Parents who heard about the eviction went to the school to find roads blocked by the police.

Garrett Marcus, whose son was a seventh-grader at Pine Grove Prep, said he wishes Baltimore County Public Schools got to parents faster than news.

“I appreciate that the kids are now safe and that they’ve taken them out of the area, but send something to let us know so you don’t have a million parents coming close to one intersection, trying to find their kids, including several kids in two different schools.” “We live in a day and age of instant communication, where anyone can go and send a message saying ‘There has been an accident we are aware of’.

Herndon said he doesn’t know how long it took for the parents to be notified after they began the eviction, but “we were very quick to get that information out there.”

“We got as much information as we could as quickly as we could,” Herndon said.

Another parent, who has two children in second and fourth grades at Pine Grove Elementary School, arrived on the scene in a hospital uniform.

His wife, who trained in middle school, called him at work to tell him what was going on.

“I quit work to come down here and be here for my kids and my wife,” he said. “Just because I got a phone call like that and to be at work, I couldn’t work.”

A woman staying at the hotel said the police told her to leave.

She said she was asleep in her room when officers rushed her with all the other hotel guests two blocks away to Woodlawn/Security Blvd.

“Just take the necessities and get out of here,” said the woman. “I was like, are you kidding me?” “There is a threat of a bomb in this nearby establishment,” he said.

Due to police investigations, school buses will be delayed for the following schools:

  • Overlia High School
  • Parkville High School
  • Perry Hall High School
  • Parkville Middle School
  • Perry Hall Middle School
  • Carney Elementary School
  • Chapel Hill Elementary School
  • Al-Baroud Primary School
  • harford hills elementary school
  • Hanejo Primary School
  • Juba View Primary School
  • Kingsville Elementary School
  • Oakley Elementary School
  • Perry Hall Elementary School
  • Vincent Farms Elementary School
  • Seven Oaks Primary School
  • Dogwood Elementary
  • Chadwick Elementary
  • Woodmore Elementary
  • Arbutus middle school
  • Southwest Academy
  • Woodlawn High School
  • promoter

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