Learning On the Go provides books, lunch and fun for young children in the Elgin district

Amber Peters was remarkably happy when she saw twenty beds spread out on blankets and new books under the shade tree. The Elgin Partnership’s Early Learning on the Go Program—a two-month program designed to provide family involvement and early learning opportunities for children ages 5 and younger—has reached the halfway point in its summer run. … Read more

Seeing Virgil Abloh on full display at the Brooklyn Museum

Photo: Courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum Opening today, the Brooklyn Museum’s newest exhibit,”Virgil Abloh: Stereoscopic Speech,‘” is the culmination of sketches, designs – including selections from Off-White, Louis Vuitton Men’s and one-off creations – and compositions from the past two decades of the designer’s life. Virgil Abloh, a first-generation Ghanaian-American who created his own streetwear … Read more

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Brittany Cartwright on how Jax’s angry scripts contributed to the Stasi fallout

“It was so painful. I was exploding in hives. I didn’t want to bother them.” “Vanderpump Rules” alum Brittany Cartwright It sheds more light on the ongoing dispute between her and Stassi Schroeder distance last wedding. During his appearance on Friday’s episode of china tea audio notation, “Scheananigans with Scheana Shay,” Brittany – from previously … Read more

Richard Nixon picked his baseball teams all the time while Watergate was boiling

Placeholder while loading article actions Also deal with the immediate repercussions of Watergate storming During the summer of 1972, President Richard Nixon made time for a different kind of passion project: compiling a list of the greatest baseball players of all time. The effort, which also involved some of his soon-to-be-notorious lieutenants, culminated in nearly … Read more

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The future NCAA scene

USC and UCLA may see games freeze in November and December in East Lansing as they join the Big Ten.picture: Getty Images As we head into an era when USC starts at 9AM PT in freezing temperatures in East Lansing in November, a very realistic and likely biennial state, let’s take a look at the … Read more

Charl Schwartzel earns more in 3 days than any year on the PGA Tour

North Plains, Ore – Charles Schwarzl took one look at the mortar heading somewhere in the direction of Mount Hood before stopping about halfway to the hole in the thirteenth green at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club and couldn’t resist. “Other than your streak and speed, it was a very good hit,” he said. The rest … Read more

Ranking of the top ten fantasy footballers of 2022

on me Today’s Gold Diggers podcastMichelle continued this year fantasy football Preview by giving us the ten best fictional appearances of 2022. As stated in the capsule, this list is for PPR Half Point Patrols. If the scoring system were different, the ratings would be slightly different, which is what we’re getting into the show. … Read more

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