Bold and beautiful synopsis: Brooke warns Taylor not to stop Stevie’s vandalism

At Brooke’s house, Ridge left a message on the phone saying she missed him last night and indicating he left early this morning. Hope sneaks up on her as she breaks up and asks what happened last night. Brooke says, “Stevie happened.” Hope asks what does that mean. Brooke says he didn’t come home in time to be together. He was at Steffy’s and made sure he didn’t come home until it was too late.

In the cliff house, Stevie admires the collaborative design of Thomas and Zendy and says they should show it to Hope. She manages to turn the conversation around to Taylor and Ridge needing to be reunited. Her mother enters the room and complains, “Stevie!” The group showcases how great a family place is these days. All they need, Stevie says, is for her to leave Ridgebrook and go home to her mother. Taylor looks angry.

At Il Giardino, White and William want to know what Bell “summoned”. He claims he just wants to have lunch with his kids. “give me a kiss.” They groan and groan. Liam asks, “Let me get it… just want to catch up?” He thinks they should start by discussing the fact that Ridge walked Bill and Brooke in each other’s arms. White leaned forward impatiently.
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Bell complains that this is how the rumors start. He insists that nothing will happen. Ridge just walked in and made something out of nothing like always because he’s full of insecurities. Liam asks if he shouldn’t have known that it would have turned him on. Bell complains about “exciting” everyone these days and laments Brooke, “Why are you dealing with Poser the Clown I’ll never understand.” He wants to grab the guy by the neck and remind him how lucky he is to have a brooke. Bill feels it’s a waste of skin tensed and would like to know what you see in him. Liam tells his father that he doesn’t take the family man’s side of him and that the love between him and Brooke is undeniable up close. However, Liam knows that there are outside forces working against them. “Stevie and Thomas for example.”

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White and Bell believe that adult children should be kept out of their parents’ lives. Liam complains that Hope goes to Forrester dinner parties, which he is not invited to. It’s a Thomas classic but you don’t see it that way. He thinks it gets into her head; She still gets distracted by what she sees when she goes there, like Taylor and Ridge. Hope doesn’t know much to tell Brock because she’s afraid to escalate Logan’s war against Forrester again. Bell doesn’t think Brooke would allow anyone to undermine her marriage.

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At Brooke’s house, she tells Hope how Stevie answered Ridge’s phone and refused to bother him. When I reminded her that it was his wife, she actually said, “Not for long.” Hope on Earth. She asks if her mother called. She didn’t see the target, and by the time he got home she was asleep. A fervent hope that Stevie had no right to interfere and prevent her from speaking to her husband. Stevie and Taylor have gone too far. Brooke agrees and thinks it’s time to talk to Taylor. Hope thinks she’ll talk to Stevie about her blatant campaign to end her mother’s marriage.
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In the cliff house, Taylor tells Stevie that the desire for the end of their father’s marriage should never come out of their mouths. Zende takes the drawing and heads for the hills. Taylor asks Thomas and Stevie to focus on something other than their parents, but Stevie makes her case again. Taylor is upset but still loves them.
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Later, Thomas is excited about Taylor about taking Douglas to the skate park and spending a lot of time with him. He thanks her for her support. They cuddle and head as Brooke arrives. “You two play nice,” says Thomas, and leaves. Brooke tells Taylor that her daughter is out of control. “I expect you to stop Stevie.”

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Taylor asks why does the blonde come after Stevie. Brooke insists it’s different. It’s great that Finn is back. It’s all very precious, but wedding vows are precious, too. She is trying to sabotage her marriage. Taylor says every child wants their parents back together. She surprised Brooke by saying that she had just told Stevie and Thomas that they needed to stop interfering. Brooke explains what happened last night when Stevie intercepted her call. Taylor grumbles, “Oh my God, I don’t want to believe that.” Brooke announces that she is playing the gatekeeper. Brooke Taylor mentions that her daughter does all this in the hope that her marriage will fall apart she can interfere.
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At Forrester, Stevie deals with designs with Paris when Hope comes over and asks to speak to the CEO alone. Paris is out of the files and Stevie says firing the young woman was inappropriate. Hope counters, “Sort of like you trying to sabotage my mother’s marriage to Ridge?” Stevie wonders as she checks her dad’s calls and complains that he’s more at home than he is at home…and it’s all by design.
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Hope wonders what happened to bring the family together and put the kids first. Stevie says this is about her parents and the future that was stolen from them. Her father began to see what it would be like to be drama-free with no pain, just love. That’s what her grandmother wanted for him all along. You’re no longer there to take the fight, but Stevie is. It declares, “It’s time for my father to return to his true family – the Foresters.”
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