Are Logan Paul’s photos worth millions?

If you care about the world of photography, you may know that famous YouTube star Logan Paul recently sold a set of photos titled 99 original copies Like NFTs for tens of thousands of dollars per image. Is the group worth that much? Is Logan Paul the Artist Who Will Change the Photography Industry? Is … Read more

Blonde: All Marilyn Monroe films are exploitative. But the new Netflix movie actually shows you inside her vagina

BLundAndrew Dominic’s new Netflix movie adds as much nuance to the idea of ​​Marilyn Monroe as it can be gleaned from a gynecological examination. The blockbuster star has long been established as a tragic figure, a woman who was abused by Hollywood studios, her husband, Joe Dimaggio, and her ailing mother as a child. Rather … Read more

Es Devlin’s spiritual poem of biodiversity at the Tate Modern

Approaching south, S. Devlin’s new public artwork appears in modern Tate Park as an architectural homage, and a massive model of the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral, across the Thames of Christopher Wren’s descent. In Devlin’s piece – titled Come home againCommissioned by Cartier, the dome is cut to reveal its cross-section, and is brilliantly … Read more

‘A Class of Its Own’: Selling Rare Bacon Works to Mark the Artist’s 30th Anniversary | French Bacon

teen, artist, French Baconwho was notorious for escaping to Paris to escape from school and an autocratic, homophobic father who had kicked him out of the family home. Although his visit was short, Bacon returned to the city two years later and became fascinated by the works of Picasso, Rodin, Degas, and Monet. Seeing Picasso’s … Read more

‘It Could Have Some Negative Throwback’: Has extreme comedian Kim Noble finally gone too far? | comedy

To Meet comedians, you don’t usually travel to Belgium for Flemish culture festivals. When talking to them, you are not usually distracted by a dead fox, prostrating itself on a table, wagging its moving tail intermittently. But this is Kim Noble We are talking about. A videographer obsessed with his life, a professional cleaner and … Read more

Essie Wood’s hypnotic paintings reveal the darker side of femininity

Icy WoodThe panels work like a Tumblr mercury mood board from the early 2000s. Formulated in Stream Consciousness style, the works appear to be very intimate and impersonal. Wood’s style is imparted by the hand of a skilled painter, and it’s a game alike pop art And the Surrealism. Focusing on ordinary household items, Wood’s … Read more