Salt controversy

Is Eating Too Much Salt Really Harmful? Prevailing medical advice and routine visits to the doctor may have convinced you that this is an obvious “yes,” but science is anything but uniform. So why is this not reflected in common clinical practice? the salt controversy It does more than ask questions about how much salt … Read more

Ten minutes of aerobic exercise in combination with exposure therapy has been found to reduce PTSD symptoms

Summary: Augmenting exposure therapy with ten minutes of aerobic exercise reduced the severity of PTSD symptoms for up to six months after the nine-week treatment course ended. source: University of New South Wales Exposure therapy is one of the leading treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but up to half of patients do not respond … Read more

Pediatric Respiratory Infections, Escalating Influenza Cases – UBMD Physicians Group

Oscar G. Gomez, MD, is seeing an extraordinary increase in both RSV and influenza cases among children in Buffalo. published November 28, 2022 The story of Ellen Goldbaum The request that children’s hospitals nationwide made this month for the federal government to declare an official emergency was not given the spike in respiratory syncytial virus … Read more

Dumas’ former insurance agent faces 52 criminal charges | Arkansas Business News

We were unable to submit the article. Dumas’ former insurance agent is facing 52 criminal charges in the Desha District Court, accused of keeping clients from paying premiums for policies that never existed. Joshua Jackson Smith, 40, was charged Oct. 5 with 49 felony counts of insurance fraud, which include selling insurance without a license … Read more

Brain care stands out as a wellness category

There is a new wellness trend in town. Self-care took on a new meaning in 2020, when many people were stuck at home, some in isolation. Even after emerging from lockdown, many have retained their newfound perspective and understanding of issues such as work-life balance. In the case of Wellness, the focus was on mental … Read more

Almiral joins FACILITATE, the patient-driven Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) project to enable use of clinical trial data by study participants

Almirall brings expertise in matters of privacy and drug law, as well as in developing guidelines, standards, and recommendations for returning clinical trial data to patients. The project will last four years and involves 27 partners from 16 EU and non-EU member states, including patient associations, hospitals, universities, SMEs and members of the European Federation … Read more

December 27 is the deadline for reporting mandatory receipt data

As sponsors of a group health plan, employers are responsible for ensuring that their suppliers (insurers, outside administrators and pharmacy benefit managers) comply with the prescription drug data collection (RxDC) reporting requirements. They were added to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) under the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 (CAA). Under ERISA section 725, … Read more

‘A Wonderful Life Between the Dashes’: Remembering Teenagers as Squirt’s Upcoming Contest Focuses on Mental Health – The Rink Live

Moorhead – Madeleine Gebhardt dreams that she managed to reach her brother in time. You wake up To a world where he works as an accountant or pursues a career in the great outdoors. It definitely helps people. He loved the people, none more than his teammates, and his boys, from the hockey and baseball … Read more