Obesity threatened her daughter’s health, so a grateful mother turned to the Children’s Hospital for help

Scott Scanlon Buffalo News Ava Brandeis’ weight problems started when she was an infant when she started gaining three pounds per month on a typical diet schedule. Panicked, her pediatrician ordered a battery of tests starting at 9 months old. As Ava grew, results continued to show that key health indicators were normal. Child obesity … Read more

DVIDS – NEWS – I’m Naval Medicine – From Pacific Partnership to 3rd Military Battalion – Commander. matte

When formal notification was sent regarding the selection of the Navy’s Office of Medicine and Surgery as the next Chief of Nursing for the Marine Corps 3D Medical Battalion, the selected top candidate was finishing an assignment with all the trademarks for the cause of his nomination. boss. Cameron Mate was assigned to the Everett … Read more

Mark Edward Thoman, MD – Examiner

Mark Edward Thoman was born on February 15, 1936, in Chicago, Illinois, and slept in the Lord on Thursday, September 15, 2022, in Tucson, Arizona. Mark was born the son of Greek immigrant Tasula of Trakis Thoman, Texas. Artist John Charles Thoman. Mark grew up in Chicago, Illinois until the age of nine, then the … Read more

Suffolk inaugural Suffolk appoints Hugo R. Seibel as teaching professor – Suffolk News-Herald

Woleben appointed Suffolk inaugural Hugo R. Seibel teaching professor Posted at 8:34 PM on Friday, September 23, 2022 Like his predecessor at Virginia Commonwealth University, Chris Woolpin, a native of Suffolk, is dedicated to helping students succeed, particularly through the Residency Match process. Which is why it is so fitting that for the first time … Read more

Reflections from an intern in clinical ethics

This is the fourth in running chain by Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy Summer Interns, Undergraduate/Postgraduate students interested in emerging ethical issues. “How to become a clinical ethics expert” is a phrase I’ve Googled more times than I’d like to admit. My interest began after attending a lecture on bioethics at a national … Read more

Rewriting the textbook for precision medicine

Precision medicine puts the patient at the center of healthcare, using a variety of tools to develop tailored and targeted treatments and diagnoses. Promising to “revolution” the modern medicine landscape, precision medicine requires an in-depth knowledge of the molecular underpinnings of healthy and diseased conditions. Advances in molecular biology technologies and bioinformatics platforms help provide … Read more

Laureate says women in medicine should fight for ‘equality, pay, justice’

Choose a section Empowerment / Inspiration September 22 2022 4 minutes to read Source / Disclosures Posted by: source: Healio . Interviews Disclosures: Bhardwaj reports on consultant/consultant or board member roles with Apricity, BioNTech, Boehringer Ingelheim, BreakBio, Carisma Therapeutics, CureVac, Genentech, Gilead, Novartis, Primevax, Rome Therapeutics, Tempest Therapeutics and Rubius Therapeutics; and industry research support … Read more

Gates Foundation urges UN and honors inspiration as goalkeeper | Health, medicine and fitness

By Thalia Petty, Associated Press New York (AFP) – Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates combined distinctive optimism with sobering questions about persistent gender inequality and hunger at an event focused on reaching global development goals, held by the Gates Foundation on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly. Bill Gates made the case … Read more

Artificial Intelligence at the Service of the Patient with Austin Chiang and Andrew Lin

Artificial intelligence at the service of the patient Dr. Andrew F. flexible Percy K. Vida L.W. Hudson Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Professor of Radiology (Physics) Department of Biomedical Engineering, Columbia University Dr. Austin Chiang, PS’11 MD MPH Chief Medical Officer of Gastroenterology, MedtronicAssistant Professor of Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University In conversation with: Dr.. Francis … Read more

Calliditas partner STADA launches the first drug approved in the European Union for primary IgA nephropathy

StockholmAnd the September 20 2022 /PRNewswire/- Calliditas Therapeutics AB (Nasdaq: CALT, Nasdaq Stockholm: CALTX) (“Calliditas”) today announced that its European trading partner, STADA Arzneimittel AG, has launched the first and only EU-approved treatment for primary immunoglobulin nephropathy (IgAN), a rare disease Exacerbated renal involvement with elevated unmet need. STADA will be tentatively launched in Germany … Read more