Hear SAFD firefighters’ powerful spoken poem about mental health challenges in the fire service

San Antonio The job of a firefighter is grueling, but it’s not just physically dangerous. Seeing so much death and destruction is mentally and emotionally draining. However, in a profession like firefighting, vulnerability can be hard to come by. This is why the San Antonio Fire Department just held a Mental Health Off Week, to … Read more

Stanford researchers find pandemic of COVID-19 stress on brains of physically aging teens

The brains of the teens assessed after the pandemic shutdowns ended appeared several years older than the brains of the teens assessed before the pandemic. The brains of teens assessed after the COVID lockdowns ended appeared several years older than the brains of teens assessed before the pandemic. To date, such accelerated changes in ‘brain … Read more

Los Angeles Rams Community | Rams running back Keren Williams, offensive guard Logan Bruce and more Rams players team up with EVERFI to continue virtual student mental health series

In partnership with EVERFI Characters Guide, the Rams have continued their virtual mental health series for ninth graders throughout the Los Angeles area. At the start of the series’ second year, Rams guard Logan Bruce, running back Kieren Williams, linebacker Brayden Thomas, and the Rams cheerleaders joined two schools in South Los Angeles in person … Read more

How a shortage of mental health staff is delaying justice in Utah courts

Salt Lake City – As the leaves changed color and fell last month, Matt Gwether sat in a garden surrounded by evidence of the passage of time. He said, “I have this open sore that I just want closed.” With the onset of fall, Gwyther faced another holiday season without his husband, Dennis Rowley Gwyther. … Read more

Whatever the motivation, mental health reform is sorely needed

Disturbing as reforms to the mental health system seem to be being talked about so quickly by those in power during the aftermath of horrific tragedies, the system’s often-neglected problems are still desperately needed, and therefore welcome. In connection with the November 13 shooting on a University of Virginia bus that killed three football team … Read more

The Pearl Harbor attack still echoes; People always pay. It is wise to continue to follow the ‘Pivot and Talk’ model of mental health Letters

Remember Pearl Harbor We are approaching the 81st anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. At 7 am on the fateful Sunday of December 7, 1941, the Imperial Japanese Navy launched 351 aircraft in its surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Many of the 145 ships anchored there were bombed, killing more than 2,400 Americans. … Read more

All-online college courses linked to worse student mental health: study – The Hill

Story at a glance College students who attend classes entirely online report more psychological stress than their peers who attend class in a hybrid format. Before COVID-19, American youth faced a growing mental health crisis exacerbated by the pandemic. The researchers suggest that mental health professionals consider how course delivery models affect mental health outcomes. … Read more