How did the placenta develop in mammals?

Credit: CC0 Public Domain The fossil record tells us about ancient life through the remains of preserved body parts such as bones, teeth and turtle shells. But how do you study the history of soft tissues and organs that can degrade quickly, leaving little evidence behind? In a new study, scientists use gene expression Patterns, … Read more

A Long Beach woman with a rare genetic condition finds hope in Hoag

Kaitlin Jones works to find joy in the little things. Jones, 31, said it’s a priority to hunt down the silver linings, especially when something like the Reaper of Souls follows her. For all intents and purposes, Jones looks just like any middle-aged woman. But just because she doesn’t look sick doesn’t mean she isn’t; … Read more

Prepared gene promoter stops heat eroding plant defenses

Summary Plants’ immune defenses falter during heat waves, making them more vulnerable to insects and pathogens under climate change. HHMI scientists have now discovered why high temperatures disrupt a key defense system, and they’ve come up with a strategy that boosts plant immunity. The immune system of plants depends on the hormone salicylic acid, which … Read more

The hidden in genetics: the evolutionary relationship

image: The evolutionary relationships of Camptozoa and Breyzoa and their place on the tree of life are revealed in this new study. The study found that they separated from slugs and worms earlier than expected and that they are part of a distinct group called the polyzoa. Opinion more Credit: OIST Kamptozoa and Bryozoa are … Read more

Can genetic testing help detect early kidney disease?

Researchers have developed a polygenic risk score for Chronic kidney failure (CKD) which performed well across ancestral diverse breed groups. The risk score combines risks from APOL1 genetic variants — which confer a high risk of CKD in black people — plus small risks from thousands of other genetic variants. APO1 and polygenic effects were … Read more

New Concentrated Prostate Genetic Screening Test from Oncologica; Identifying men at increased risk of prostate cancer

Cambridge, England, 01 July 2022– (work wire) –Oncologica, the main most cancers genetic and viral screening laboratory primarily based in Cambridge, UK, has launched the brand new Focus Prostate Most cancers Genetic Screening Take a look at that identifies males at elevated threat of prostate most cancers. This press launch options multimedia. View the complete … Read more

Researchers are developing an online portal to show how biases in RNA sequences affect gene expression

Mark Ebert and his analysis associates August 5, 2021. Credit score: Pete Comparoni / College of Kentucky A current publication from researchers on the College of Kentucky explains the significance of figuring out and understanding how variations between tissues and cells alter gene expression with out altering the underlying genetic code. Introductory biology lessons train … Read more

The answer to the riddle of the red fox lies in their DNA

Credit score: Pixabay/CC0 Public Area Scientists know that Europeans introduced purple foxes to North America, more likely to hunt, whereas different purple foxes escaped into the wild from fur farms. However have some purple foxes been discovered on the East Coast, and in North Carolina, their native habitat? In line with professional wildlife geneticist Liz … Read more

Acute chest syndrome and sickle cell disease: what’s the link between them?

Acute chest syndrome (ACS) is a doable complication of sickle cell illness (SCD). It includes a sudden onset of respiratory signs, which might result in lung damage. Sickle cell illness is an inherited dysfunction that impacts purple blood cells. In folks with sickle cell anemia, the purple blood cells are crescent or sickle-shaped slightly than … Read more