Giants’ Cor’Dale Flott is set to take on the elite cowboy receivers

Learning to ride a bike comes with the expectation of falling or falling. Keep in mind that this is an analogy to playing Cornback in the NFL as a rookie, like the Giants Cordell Flute, who has held alone for the past half week against a three-time 1,000-yard receiver. The Giants held top corner back … Read more

Report: Momentum gears towards ousting Daniel Snyder

Getty Images The NFL has been hanging around owner-captain Daniel Snyder in recent years. And soon they might try to rein it in. The Washington Post Reports say sentiment among team owners “has shifted markedly” as the league awaits the results of a congressional investigation and an NFL-commissioned study by Mary Jo White. for every … Read more

How Two Chicago Bears Really Affected Plans for 2023

The Chicago Bears They don’t think about 2023. At least the coaches and players are not. The team is 1-1 with a chance to reach 2-1 by beating the undefeated Houston Texans on Sunday. However, GM Ryan Bowles and his scouts are already making their plans for the upcoming season. He’s only in the first … Read more

Week 3 2022 NFL Picks

Getty Images Last week wasn’t great for us. Was it great for those who pick games? Strange results spread across the list of 16 competitions. A 3-0 lead in the prime-time finals pushed me to 0.500, at 8-8. MDS 7-9 is over. For the year, I’m 17-14-1. MDS is 14-17-1. This week, we differ again … Read more

New York Giants WR Kenny Golladay only got two photos taken on Sunday

East Rutherford, NJ – New York Giants wide receiver Kenny Goladay He didn’t quite like coach Brian Dabol’s decision to play with him only twice in Sunday’s 19-16 win over the Carolina Panthers. “Of course I don’t really agree with him. Or like me,” Goladay, who was speaking to the media for the first time … Read more

Eagles vs Vikings: 18 winners, 5 losers, 1 IDK

The Eagles 2-0 after beating the Vikings. Time to hand out some winners, losers, and IDKs. Galen Hertz lol k. the Eagles unbeaten. Watch out, 1972 dolphins. Galen Hertz I can’t say enough good things about Hurts’ performance on Monday night. The first week outing wasn’t bad by any means but it made me want … Read more

5 storylines for cowboys and giants

Exhale, Cowboy Nation. The Cowboys entered the winning slot for the first time this season with a thrilling 20-17 victory in the Brett Maher vs Micah Parsons match. Throw in strong performances from the likes of Cooper Rush and Noah Brown, and things will suddenly feel better than they did a week ago. Now here … Read more