Top JupyterLab Extensions for Machine Learning Research

JupyterLab is primarily intended to be an extensible environment. Any JupyterLab component can be enhanced or customized with JupyterLab Extensions. New themes, file viewers and editors, or display devices that allow rich output in notebooks are some of the things they can offer. Keyboard shortcuts, system settings, menu items or command panel can be added … Read more

Leading industries in the field of conversation between artificial intelligence

Conversational AI has advanced dramatically since the early days of chatbots with limited capabilities. Over time, more industries are realizing the capabilities and benefits that these developments bring. Digital assistants like Alexa and Siri are making consumers wonder why they can’t use the same capabilities at work. Although there are enterprise versions of Alexa and … Read more

Is AI really a job killer? These experts say no

If you thought all the doom and gloom is in the news today, you might think that automation and the deployment of systems that support artificial intelligence at work will replace dozens of jobs around the world. Is artificial intelligence really a job killer? These experts say no Adobe Stock But management and technology experts … Read more

AI provides new opportunities for financial navigation for patients

The confusing, data-filled world of getting help with medical bills has become fertile ground for software developers. When patients need help paying for expensive medical treatment, they are faced with a good news/bad news scenario. The good news is that pharmaceutical companies, private institutions, government agencies, etc. have a myriad of programs that can help … Read more

The United States is working on artificial intelligence to predict Ukraine’s needs for ammunition and weapons

Frankfurt, Germany-In a large office building amid tight grass, the International Donor Coordination Center, or IDCC, one of the US military’s top data minds is developing machine learning algorithms to predict, rather than simply respond to, Ukraine’s needs for ammunition and repair. But the old problem persists, according to the Defense Department’s Inspector General: The … Read more

Cast AI brings cloud security insights to Kubernetes

Cloud cost management platform provider Cast AI has released Cloud Security Insights, a free security analysis tool that integrates into its enterprise AI-powered cloud optimization platform. The platform, free for all users, aims to help DevOps and DevSecOps teams manage cloud resources and improve cloud and Kubernetes security. It represents the second pillar of Cast … Read more