Give back with volunteer and donation opportunities in Houston

Many organizations in the greater Houston area need volunteers to achieve their goals of helping those in need. Here’s how to help: Alliance for Multicultural Community Services: The non-profit organization creates opportunities for refugees, migrants, and disadvantaged residents to achieve self-sufficiency and improve their quality of life. Current volunteer opportunities include career readiness mentors, administrative … Read more

“How were we not included?”: Rural Puerto Ricans struggle to get help after hurricane | Puerto Rico

Six days after Hurricane Fiona Puerto RicoAnd Alexis and Roberto Nunez still don’t know where their next meal is coming from. The couple, whose home in Arecibo was inundated during a storm, relies on a neighbor’s cooking and some government-delivered canned goods to make ends meet. Nunez woke up to a flooded house on the … Read more

The Las Vegas Review-Journal wants to return the equipment of murdered reporter Jeff German

The Las Vegas Review-Journal asks the authorities not to review the file slain reporter Electronic devices and reporting materials confiscated by the authorities after his death. Jeff German’s mobile phone, four computers and an external hard drive can be used in the prosecution and defense of the alleged German killer. The newspaper said it contained … Read more

PNW Opens New Center for Justice and Post-Innocence Assistance

Nikki Jackson speaks at the Center for Justice and Aid’s post-acquittal dinner on Thursday. Monster – On January 27, 2016, Gary’s Willie “Timmy” Donald was released from prison after spending 24 years behind bars for a crime he did not commit. Twenty-four years without freedom. Now, he had a second chance for the life chance … Read more

The foldable smartphone that wasn’t

At CES 2021, LG revealed that it was working on a foldable screen phone and that it would be available later that year. Unfortunately, the company shut down its mobile business before this happened. Now, a hands-on video of the Korean tech reviewer BullsLab Offers How close is LG’s Rollable launch? Rollable went a different … Read more

Ford unveils an all-new smartphone on E-Transit Custom wheels

At the Hannover IAA Transportation event, stronghold It revealed new features and specifications for the all-new E Transit Custom, an all-electric commercial truck, or what the automaker calls a “smartphone on wheels.” Since launch Electronic TransitFord quickly became a leader in commercial electric vehicles. according to Ford sales in August According to the report, E-Transit … Read more

Department of Medicine officials: SNAP has helped thousands during pandemic, but navigation system challenges remain

USDA photo. Mark Griffin had a well-paid job as an ophthalmological assistant for two decades and was earning enough to buy a $150,000 home in Baltimore. But a disastrous car accident a few years ago eroded his financial stability dramatically. At a Senate Finance Committee hearing in Annapolis on Tuesday, Griffin described how he was … Read more

A VIP is in custody as Baltimore County Police investigate a suspicious device at a school, motel

Baltimore – A person of concern is in police custody after a suspicious device was found in a car near Pine Grove Prep School in Baltimore County. Officers also investigated a suspicious device at a hotel 20 miles away in Woodlawn. The suspicious package forced two schools in Baltimore County to evacuate. Police said there … Read more

Smartphones and older users remain uncomfortable

Smartphones have gone from being a luxury or convenience to a necessity or a lifeline, yet people over 50 are less likely to own devices and more likely to feel left out on their part. why does it matter: More than ever, services and businesses from banks to doctor’s offices and restaurants to airlines expect … Read more