Protests against coronavirus lockdowns in China erupted after the Xinjiang fire

Comment on this story Suspension Protests erupted in cities and on campuses across China this weekend, as frustrated and angry citizens took to the streets in a stunning wave of demonstrations against the government’s “zero hate” policy and the leaders implementing it. Residents of Shanghai, China’s most populous city, gathered Saturday night and Sunday morning, … Read more

Wagner Group recruits from the Central African Republic abandoned in Ukraine

Abuja, Nigeria –The infamous Russian Wagner Group Have abandoned dozens of former Central African Republic (Central African Republic) in the Ukrainian region of Donbass after being conscripted to fight Vladimir Putin’s warTwo former combatants in the Central African Republic told The Daily Beast. CAR sources, which Wagner recruited after it quit the UPC rebel group … Read more

Deadly Xinjiang fire sparks backlash over China’s ‘Covid-19’ policy

Comment on this story Suspension A delayed emergency response to a deadly fire has sparked protests calling for an end to months of lockdown in XinjiangAnd the The tightly controlled region in northwest China, sparking a nationwide protest over the restrictions imposed by the country’s “zero Covid” policy. Fire swept through the upper floors of … Read more

Reality destroys some of the Qataris’ dreams of renting out the World Cup

The agency says the Qatari hotel group has requested new payments Some prices have been lowered, but many properties are empty The broker says some landlords have sought unrealistic rents DOHA (Reuters) – Qatar has found itself with an unexpected glut of rooms in the packed World Cup group stage, with online portals listing rooms … Read more

With new cases of the virus reported, China is scrambling to fill an immunity gap

Comment on this story Suspension The coronavirus outbreak on the verge of becoming China’s largest pandemic has exposed a critical flaw in Beijing’s “zero Covid” strategy: a large population without natural immunity. After months of only occasional hot spots in the country, most of its 1.4 billion people have not been exposed to the virus. … Read more

Anwar begins work in Malaysia, promising inclusive government | Election news

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim began serving as Prime Minister of Malaysia after promising to lead an inclusive government in the multi-ethnic and multi-faith Southeast Asian nation. Anwar arrived at the prime minister’s office in the administrative capital Putrajaya on Friday at 9 am (01:00 GMT), after being sworn in by the king the day … Read more

Revealing the stories of the Ukrainian resistance after the withdrawal of Kherson

near the city of Kherson, Ukraine CNN – Two Russian soldiers were walking down a Kherson street on a spring evening in early March, just days after Moscow captured the city. The temperature that night was still below zero and the electricity went out, leaving the town in complete darkness as the soldiers returned to … Read more

The Kurds in Syria are calling for US help and Turkey is threatening a ground offensive

Comment on this story Suspension BAGHDAD – A US-backed Syrian enclave braced for attacks by Turkish forces as its commander-in-chief called on Washington to do more to counter the threat of a ground invasion. On Wednesday, the forces of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan launched air strikes, drones and artillery on the towns and cities … Read more

Explosions at two bus stations near the entrances to Jerusalem. 14 wounded, 2 seriously

Police and medics said that two explosions targeted two bus stops near the entrances to Jerusalem on Wednesday morning, wounding at least 14 people, including two in serious condition. The first explosion occurred near the main entrance to Jerusalem at Givat Shaul, shortly after 7 am, the commuter rush hour. Medical officials said 11 people … Read more