College Basketball Odds: Kentucky Is Slightly Favorable for Winning the 2023 NCAA Championship But Duke is a Better Value

On the heels of defeating the Tar Heels in the 2022 NCAA Championship, kansas Led by Hall of Famer at Bill Self and a returning roster stacked with veteran-loaders, Caesars Sportsbook opened up as a curling-cutter favorite again in 2023. But as the summer months slowly turn to fall, a new favorite has emerged to replace KU as the take-all favorite. Kentucky Now at the top of the odds board where the season lurks in the shadows.

Kentucky State had a disappointing end to the 2021-22 season, Losing to the NCAA Championship The Cinderella Story of St. Peter In an amazing loss in the first round. Offseason has been very nice to the UK. Not only did National Player of the Year Oscar Chibwe return for another run, but coach John Calipari filled in holes in the roster in a big way by adding shooting with transfers Antonio Reeves, defense and lottery talents in Casson Wallace and Chris Livingston, and more front-court depth. In Ugonna Kingsley Onyenso. wild cats Run undefeated in the Bahamas as they stifle their competition This summer may be a preview of what lies ahead. At the age of 8-1, they are a good pre-season favorite largely due to their comeback experience and their ability to seemingly tackle weaknesses from last season.

However, there are plenty of contenders on the wings to potentially dislodge the UK as the favorites ahead of the season. Nine teams have odds of 2,000+ or ​​better in the Caesars Sportsbook. Five of them have 15-1 or better odds. two of them– North Carolina And the Gonzaga They are narrowly behind the UK at 9-1 odds. Obviously, while Kentucky considers the claim the preferred one, it is by a narrow margin.

This validates what I expect as we prepare for next season: the title race is wide open. Some teams have better chances than others, of course, but the randomness of the NCAA Championship and unknowns about what teams will look like in live action can tip any expected balance. In fact, there are a lot more teams that could be better – or worse – than the odds suggest.

So let’s split the odds as they are right now with some of the best and worst bets as I see them.

good value


Prospect: 12-1

Houston went 32-6 last season and could be a more lethal force in 2022. Marcus Sasser emits first-team sentiment All-Badass, and after his final season is over, he could be on a collision course with stardom based on how strong he is. And he’s out of season he’s said to have had. Combine that with the acumen of Kelvin and Keelen Sampson And the Add five-star Jaras Walker, and you’ve got a fickle team that beats expectations – even as those expectations rise.


Prospect: 18-1

The Injury and subsequent surgery to the foot of new five-star student Darg Whitehead – The No. 2 player overall in his class – is putting a huge impact on the prospects for what early season Duke will look like in season one under new coach John Scheer. But at 18-1 this looks baked – and maybe very Bake in – here at cost. It’s impossible to ignore just how talented Scheyer will be working this season. Even Whitehead isn’t the highest rated person – who belongs to the #1 recruiter Dereck Lively II – as part of the first recruitment category that should easily be considered one of the few real contenders next year.


Prospect: 30-1

What if I told you that the team that finished 10th in the postseason played last year and outperformed three of the top four seeded ones in that period (according to data) Could this be 30-1 preparation to win it all? Fun, isn’t it? Then, what if I told you the team brought back five of the top seven scorers, added an elite transfer at Baylor Sherman and had a rising star in Trey Alexander? You will definitely be in, right? Of course you will be! Creighton is one of the board’s best pre-season bets. They almost fall into “dormant” territory when, in fact, I think the Bluejays are just outright contenders with the top 10 entering next season. I’m totally with you.

Michigan State

Prospect: 60-1

Michigan 28-1 to win it all. Michigan State 60-1 to win it all. I 100% see this difference differently from Vegas. The Spartans will win more matches and have a better team than the Wolverines this season. This is a classic case of disregard for something great about Tom Izzo, who quietly brings back a lot of experience and has a solid slate from top to bottom. Give me Michigan a 60-1 average every day, especially with Michigan odds inflated at 28-1. Vegas has those teams back.

bad value


Prospect: 18-1

Kansas should have a good team this season. Perhaps brilliant, with enough pieces to defend her crown. But . . . Are we sure they will play in postseason? Like, we positive? I do not sell. Her NCAA case has been on hold for years but at some point they will be penalized, and the post-season ban seems like a very realistic punishment he could face. So, for these reasons I think I will stay away from KU. No team has gone back since the great Florida Teams under Billy Donovan in the early 2000s, and I don’t think KU has the strength to do that this season after losing two first-round talents and facing the potential distraction of a looming NCAA cloud.


Prospect: 20-1

I really like the odds of Arizona winning the Pac-12 Championship (22-1 at Caesars), but I can’t beat the odds of winning everything. At the age of 20-1, he got rich young after losing Dalen Terry and Bennedict Mathurin in the first round and Christian Colocco, one of the best defensive players in the college hoops, in the second round of enlistment. Sophomore coach Tommy Lloyd will have a competitive and relevant Wildcats opportunity with Azuolas Tubelis, Kerr Krissa and others who will return to join forces with transfers Courtney Ramey and five-star rookie Kylan Boswell. It feels like there are a lot of unknowns with this team – similar to the way I saw it Texas And their roster that they fixed last season – to really trust them as a real contender.


Prospect: 50-1

I was [puts on humble brag hat] Very in Auburn Road before most of last season. I loved the idea of ​​Jabari Smith and Walker Kessler in the same backyard and thought it could be special. Then the Tigers made me look smarter than I already am, eventually earning the second seed after a solid season (although it ended in a disappointing fashion). This year, though, I’m here to lay a wet blanket on Auburn futures. Just don’t like them this season. The departure of Kessler and Smith is a heavy loss. Johnny Broome will be a force but the talent coming in won’t be enough to help keep Auburn at the same level he was last season. At 50-1 I prefer to take fliers Alabama At the same cost or even Michigan at 60-1.

Ohio State has lost a lot of talent to the NBA, but it’s bringing in several top-75 freshmen and Bronny James may loom. Listen below for the latest in the Summer Shootaround series and Subscribe to the Eye on College Basketball podcast Where we take you beyond hardwood with inside information and instant feedback.

Odds of winning the NCAA Championship 2023

Odds via Caesars Sportsbook

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