Dele Schmannkerl: Post Bayern Munich vs VFB Stuttgart; Miroslav Klose fighting in Austria. Another report on unhappiness at Bayern Munich. Barcelona are already looking forward to the big move next summer; Bayern hockey team led by Leon Drystel; & more!

Bayern Munich He put in an effort up and down another draw in the Bundesliga – this time against Stuttgart. Here are some quick kicks in a match that surely left some fans frustrated and others craving for some consistency:

  • Julian Nagelsmann chose to do a very heavy spin for this match. Matisse Tal, Serge Gnabry, Dayot Opicano, Nasir Mazraoui, Leon Goretzka, and Jamal Musiala entered the fray, while Sadio Mane, Kingsley Coman (wounded), Lucas Hernandez, Marcel Sabitzer and Leroy Sane all took part:
  • I felt Mane – in particular – needed a hit. It was a lot beforeLiverpool Man to date, so rebounding his legs was a good idea. Other than that, this was a good chance to get Pavard, Sabitzer, and Hernandez some time as well.
  • As expected, the first part of the game was marred by a lot of table tennis and choppy gameplay. VFB Stuttgart was determined to defend with all his might.
  • Stuttgart gave Bayern Munich everything they could handle for much of the first half.
  • In the 30th minute, Serge Gnabry was unable to break through Florian Muller and the Stuttgart wall. It’s a shame because it was a great job by Bayern Munich.
  • Gnabry also thinks he should have changed his attempt in the 34th minute as well.
  • At this point, Bayern Munich was starting to exhaust Stuttgart and finally made Matisse Tal fire the first goal of the game and set a new standard in the process:
  • Tel was a bit uneven before his goal, but that seemed to add some vigor to his stride.
  • Part of making Robert Lewandowski’s loss palatable is the feeling that Thomas Muller will emerge from the shadow of the Polish killer and take on a bigger role in goal-scoring. In fact, the team needs to produce it. Of course, Mueller’s presence and contributions “off the record book” is indisputable, but he is not currently a legitimate threat and that’s a problem.
  • Oh no, here they come for me! It’s #MullerMafia:
  • Seriously, though, Mueller needs to go back to his goal-scoring days.
  • Truthfully, despite Joshua Kimmich’s mistake that netted the goal in the 51st minute from Serho Guirassi, he was pretty weak. Bayern Munich were a little lucky there because I didn’t think that would justify giving a foul.
  • In the 57th minute, Konstantinos Mavropanos took advantage of some really lackluster play from Jamal Musiala and Alfonso Davies to set up Chris Vohresh to equalize. There was a complete and utter lack of Musiala’s effort in the play (this might be the first time I’ve criticized him). Aside from gaining muscle in the play, Musiala quit his pursuit, which left Davis to be caught. It was a bad look.
  • Musiala (almost) would have made up for it with a very impressive goal of feeding Nosair Mazraoui and some good work from Kimmich.
  • However, things won’t really get any better from there.
  • Matthijs de Ligt’s foul that caused a penalty draw could not have occurred at that spot. De Ligt should be better.
  • Despite some post-game reviews on popular sites, I thought Mazraoui was the only one that turned out well on the backline. Alfonso Davies had his moments, but lost possession a staggering 16 times. His defensive work and ability to own the ball have been an issue for a while now.
  • I will beat that drum more, these are the games where Kimmich needs to rest. It wasn’t as fragile as it was. It wasn’t bad per se, but this is a major stretch and I’d rather see him relax somewhat like Nagelsmann did with Mane.
  • Leon Goretzka wasn’t great to be honest, and I probably didn’t help his cause to get back into the starting line-up consistently.
  • I wasn’t happy with the offensive play in general either. There were definitely moments when Bayern Munich looked very dangerous. However, it wasn’t consistent enough or good enough. Gnabry needed to finish the match much better than he did. His attempt in the 62nd minute (which Florian Muller saved) would chase him down. He was on his own and couldn’t find a way to beat a VFB Stuttgart goalkeeper.
  • Yes, there will be people who will start screaming to cause pressure on Nagelsmann, but this is a situation where the players need to be better…a lot better. Acknowledging that this was indeed a trap game, Bayern Munich’s focus should improve:
  • For a team with such immense talent and depth, Bayern Munich has to stick to a higher standard in these types of matches. Fighting and scratching for three points is a must. I saw plenty of merit on the pitch – which was highlighted by Musiala’s lackluster tracking of VfB Stuttgart’s first goal and De Ligt’s reckless challenge in overtime.
  • Overall, this was frustrating for a number of reasons. The match was not smooth for Bayern Munich and the team was – again – very ineffective in attack. Dropping points in extra time – especially the way it happened – made it even more painful, but the reality is what it is: three Bundesliga games and three draws. If I were to go into “Dad Mode” here, I’d say I’m not pissed off with the outcome, just disappointed. Bayern Munich should be better… It’s that simple.

If you missed it on our site preliminary analysisAnd the Match prizesAnd the Noteswow Postgame podcast Give them a look or listen:

Things are not going well for Miroslav Klose in Austria, but former coach Ludovic Magnin believes he can turn the situation around.

“Of course Altach’s place in the table is not good and the situation is stressful for Miro. But I’m not sorry for him, but he wanted to take this step in the professional work and in these moments he will learn a lot, even if it costs a lot of energy,” Magnen told Sport1. “I have known Miro for years and will be able to deal with it. He has had a long career as a player and his experience will help him keep his cool. Of course, he must have imagined things differently in the early days. But he has to go through it now.”

Reindorf Altach is ranked 12th in the Austrian league table.

Edmonton Oilers Superstar Leon Drysitl has chosen the Bundesliga players who will make up the “sixth start” of hockey. Not surprisingly, Draisaitl went all out with Bayern Munich:

Bayern Munich I won a beautiful victory intermilan In the Champions League After a disappointing display against Union Berlin in the German Bundesliga last weekend.

While Julian Nagelsmann has done a good job managing his staff, the recent lack of accuracy, efficiency and synchronicity in the attack has some fans worried.

As always, there’s a lot to talk about – including those issues listed above. Let’s take a look at what we have on tap for this week’s episode:

  • Why training gets harder every year (as Thomas Tuchel and Domenico Tedesco have discovered – and as Jürgen Klopp may soon learn). Also, did we mention that there are some unhappy players at Bayern Munich right now?
  • The F.C.B It will tell us a lot about Bayern Munich’s position at this point.
  • Matisse de Ligt and Lucas Hernandez look great together.
  • Midfield mystery: Leon Goretzka wants to start but Marcel Sabitzer was great? What will happen there.
  • Bayern Munich and Harry Kane may be really interested in a relationship in 2023.

On Friday, we saw the news that several Bayern Munich players were concerned about their respective roles in the squad. The initial report came from Sport1, but now Sport Bild backs up the report:

According to BILD’s information, the top stars are not satisfied with their playing time and sub-role!

The list of upcoming matches should help Nagelsmann rotate more, but heavy rotations can also cause teams to get out of sync due to the use of different combinations of players.

Ultimately, Julian Nagelsmann is going to have to make a lot of tough calls this season and it won’t be easy to have so many good, high-priced players on the bench for extended periods.

It seems that FC Barcelona – Bayern Munich’s next opponent in the Champions League – still has an eye on it Manchester Superstar Bernardo Silva:

It is clear that FC Barcelona will not give up when courting Bernardo Silva from Manchester City. As reported by Sport, the Catalan team is planning another attempt to sign the Portuguese next summer.

The transfer failed this summer, although Silva would have liked to move to Barcelona himself. However, Pep Guardiola and Manchester City have not invited the attacking midfielder to go and Silva himself does not want to force a change. But next summer the Spaniards see themselves in a better position. However, they have to dig deeply into their pockets there.

in the last transfer windowCitizens also rejected an offer from Paris Saint-Germain, who made an offer of 70 million euros.

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