Field reports from Ohio wildlife officers

Subject reviews from the Ohio Division of Wildlife Officers

Central Ohio – premier wildlife space

State wildlife officers Chad Grote and Antoinette Fritt, assigned to Marion and Lick counties, respectively, contacted a bunch of campers within the Delaware Wilderness Space. One of many group members offered false identification to the officers. It was found that the particular person had felony warrants for his arrest from a number of counties. Officers arrested the person and took him to the Marion County Jail.

Northwest Ohio – Wildlife Space II

Whereas conducting sport fish enforcement enforcement in Lake Erie, State Wildlife Investigator Kelsey Brockman and State Wildlife Officer Nathan Robinson, assigned to Van Wert County, observed a constitution Michigan fishing boat in Ohio waters. The boat didn’t have the Ohio Information sticker displayed, which is required for charters working in Ohio. Moreover, the boat captain didn’t have an Ohio fishing information’s license. He was charged with appearing as a fishing information in Ohio waters and not using a pilot license. He was discovered responsible in court docket, fined $200, and given a suspended sentence of 180 days in jail pending no related violations for one yr.

State Wildlife Officer Jason Burnchuk, assigned to Putnam County, lately obtained a photograph from a neighborhood resident of an invertebrate present in a personal pond. After some consultations and analysis, the invertebrates have been discovered to be freshwater jellyfish. These animals originated from China, and located their method to Ohio through stockings of fish, aquatic crops, and waterfowl. They aren’t recognized to trigger hurt to people or the surroundings and aren’t thought of an invasive species.

Northeast Ohio – Wilderness District III

In the course of the 2022 whitetail deer looking season, state wildlife officers Michael Budd and Scott Cartwright, assigned to Tuscarawas and Carroll counties, respectively, obtained a hunt with out grievance. Officers positioned a hunter on the property and issued a summons for looking and not using a allow. The person was discovered responsible in Carroll County Municipal Court docket, sentenced to 30 days in jail, and ordered to pay $245.

In November 2022, State Wildlife Officer Tom Frank, assigned to Mahoning County, obtained a name from a annoyed hunter reporting hunter harassment. Officer Frank introduced the case to the county lawyer, who accredited costs of harassing the fisherman. The suspect was issued a subpoena and paid $171 in positive and court docket prices.

Southeast Ohio – Wilderness District IV

In the course of the 2023 white-tailed deer looking season, Lawrence County assigned state wildlife officer Darren Abbott obtained a grievance about roadside taking pictures. Officer Abbott decided {that a} single particular person was accountable for the complaints. Summons have been issued for looking in a motorcar and taking pictures from a public highway. Expenses are pending in Lawrence County.

Southwest Ohio – Wilderness District V

State Wildlife Superintendent Matt Huen obtained a tip that geese and duck carcasses had been dumped in and close to the Miami and Erie Canal. State Wildlife Officer Mark Schimmel, assigned to Auglaise County, and State Wildlife Officer Brad Boening, assigned to Mercer County, recognized the suspect and decided he was accountable for the unlawful dumping. A subpoena was issued with a $400 bond.

State Wildlife Officer Matt Bourne, assigned to Clark County, and State Wildlife Officer Mark Schimmel, assigned to Ogles County, lately labored at a sales space on the Nationwide Searching Present in Cincinnati with Fish Division staff Deb Walters, Mike Porto, and Kelsey Downs. They offered info to the general public and promoted the thirty second Wildlife Officer Coaching Academy. The applying interval for Wildlife Officer candidates is open via Sunday, January 29. For extra info, go to

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