Goaltender market scaling

With training camps on the horizon, there are still some precarious situations around the NHL. Accordingly, these teams may plan to select a second goalkeeper on concessions during the pre-season as Montreal did with Samuel Montembolt Last season. With that in mind, let’s examine who might be looking for a goalkeeper and which teams have a goalkeeper who might be of interest.

likely to search

Arizona: Coyote has one of two goalkeepers locked up for three years in Karel Vimelka But then there is nothing but question marks. farmers John Gillis And the Ivan Prosvetov You have some experience in the National Hockey League but Gillis struggled last season with New Jersey and Prosvetov hasn’t scored 0.900 SV% in the last two seasons at the Palace. Cap Space is not an issue for them, so they can consider any of the options available for exemptions or enter into a bad contract for additional compensation.

Chicago: Immediately, Alex Stalock He is the reserve goalkeeper. He has missed most of the past two seasons as he struggled his way back from myocarditis and suffered greatly in the underdogs last year. Sure, the Blackhawks aren’t in a winning position right now but in a perfect world, they’d like to Arvid Soderblum To spend a continuous year with AHL Rockford. Currently, he’s third on the depth chart, but if there’s a chance to bring in a low-cost second series and propel Stalock into where he should be the one to call up in the event of a hit, they might want to take it. The waiver wire might be an opportunity to add that.

Philadelphia: with Ivan Fedotov After being barred from going to North America this season due to a military commitment, the pilots will have to go back to Plan B. Felix Sandstrom He is currently their second choice but only has five NHL games under his belt. They are looking to be more competitive this season so this could be a place for a promotion. Sure, Sandstrom would then need to concede to take him back to Lehigh Valley, but that was the case had Fedotov been able to play, so it’s a risk they might be comfortable with.

Of course, an injury or two during pre-season could add to the list of suitors in the coming weeks as well.

The teams that can lose the goalkeeper

For the purpose of this exercise, the focus will be on either young goalkeepers who can be attractive or veterans with some recent NHL experience that can fill a gap.

buffalo Malcolm Suban To be a veteran to share with him Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen At AHL Rochester but he has 86 NHL games under his belt and a deal that’s only $100,000 above the league minimum. He has been a full time reserve going back to his time with Vegas which will also boost his chances of claiming it.

Dallas: Immediately, Anton Khadobin Seems to be the strange one again Jake Oettinger And the Scott Wedgwood The duo are set to be goalkeepers for the stars. Khadubin is now in the final year of his $3.33 million deal. It wouldn’t be shocking if he allowed concessions but if Dallas wanted to free up a little extra money for him Jason RobertsonUnder their contract, they will contact Arizona to find out how much it will cost to implement that contract.

Los Angeles: Phoenix Copley He has cleared concessions without any concerns for the past two years, but has also been on an expensive contract for a third-series option. Now, he’s on a more palatable deal ($825,000) and is coming off an impressive season at AHL Hershey. The 30-year-old was the capitals’ reserve substitute in 2018-19.

Nashville: This is the most interesting to watch. despite Conor Ingram He kept himself in the playoffs for the Preds, and they’re still going and coming Kevin Lankinen On a one-year deal worth $1.5 million. This is a large amount that the third-chain option would pay to even put Ingram at risk. However, if they try to infiltrate Ingram, there is a very good chance they will claim it, especially with AAV below the bare minimum. Carrying three guards is feasible but generally not ideal so something might have to offer here.

New York (right): The Rangers went and brought Louis Doming With a two-year contract to be their insurance policy, he might appeal to some other teams as well. He did well in the playoffs for Pittsburgh and had 142 NHL games over parts of two seasons. Both years are in one direction that will likely try to deter other teams from claiming it but with an AAV worth only $775,000, it might attract some interest.

Seattle: with Martin Jones Joining Kraken as their backup will pay both Joy Dacor And the Magnus Helberg for wire waiver. Daccord was seen as a potential option in the NHL not too long ago and at 26 there is still some upside after a solid season with AHL Charlotte. Meanwhile, Hellberg has been dominant in the KHL for the past few years prompting Detroit to give him a peek at the stretch of last season. Other teams may want to take a look as well depending on how things go over the next few weeks.

Winnipeg: Michael Berdin He is the only goalkeeper on this list who has no NHL experience but at the age of 24, he is also the youngest in this group. If the rebuilding team wanted to take a look at a younger backup to see if there was something in there, that’s the kind of goalkeeper they’d probably want to go with.

Of course, there will be other goalkeepers arriving in the coming weeks, which could be of interest to the teams as well depending on what happens during pre-season. There won’t be a lot of waiver activity between the tubes – it rarely is – but one or two of these players could change teams in the coming weeks.

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