Good Works 2022 Allstate AFCA Team Celebrates College Football Players as Community Leaders

Northbrook, Illinois – () – Allstate and the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) have announced the final list of 31Street Allstate AFCA Team for Good Business®honoring 22 college student-athletes and honorary coaches for outstanding contributions to their communities.

Team officials from across the country nominated players from their schools for the prestigious award based on their work off the field. A roster of 114 nominees was announced in July before the 22-man finalist was selected by the selection panel, which includes former Good Works players, journalists and officials from Allstate and AFCA. The committee is looking for players who show exceptional leadership on and off the football field.

“For 31 years, the Allstate AFCA Team of Good Business has reminded us of how to use our standing in life—whatever that may be—to raise the bar for those around us,” he said. Tim Tebowtwo-time national champion, Heisman Cup winner and 2009 Allstate AFCA Good Works team member. “There are so many players at all levels of the game who are using their platforms for good, and it’s inspiring to see the variety of ways these young people are choosing to help improve our community.”

The class of 2022 could be founding nonprofits, donating Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) profits to those in need, building homes for areas affected by natural disasters, mentoring children or collecting food for the hungry. Whatever the reason, this is a group of college football stars eager to help their communities.

“The Allstate AFCA Team of Good Business is arguably the highest honor in college football because it recognizes player integrity and service off the field rather than performance on it,” said Allstate Executive Vice President and General Manager Sales and Distribution. Troy Hawks. “The world of sports is often defined by what happens between the lines. While they are also accomplished as players, these 22 student-athletes are making an enormous difference in their communities. Allstate is proud to honor them as beacons of positive change across the country.”

The final roster includes 11 players from the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision; 11 players from the NCAA Football Championship subdivision, Divisions II and III and the National Intercollegiate Athletics Association; Honorary Head Coach.

Allstate will continue its tradition of rewarding these athletes with an NIL opportunity as well as a charity match from The Allstate Foundation.

The following players have been named to the Allstate AFCA Team of Good Works 2022:

Football Division (FBS)


The school


Anders Carlson

Auburn University

Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Dewne Carter

Duke University

Pickerington, Ohio

Dylan Gibbons

Florida State University

Saint Petersburg, Florida.

Jordan Ferguson

Middle Tennessee State University

Atlanta, GA.

Ryan Hilinsky

Northwestern University

Orange, California.

Patrick Fields

Stanford University

Tulsa, Okla.

Tony Bradford Jr.

Texas Tech University

Houston, Texas

Kerris Jackson

University of Georgia

Fort Valley, Ga.

Dinar Bertrand

University of Notre Dame

Alpharetta, J.A.;

Deslin Alexander

University of Pittsburgh

Pompano, Florida.

Caleb Williams

University of Southern California

Washington DC

Division Football League, Divisions II, III and NAIA


The school


Austin Brenner

Ashland University

Copley, Ohio

Jilin Branch

Bentley University

Randolph, Mass.

Matthew Feldeck

Bethel University (Minnesota)

St. Michael, Minnesota.

Max Jones

Harvard university

Delmar, New York

Alan Gurney

Johns Hopkins University

Ellicott City, Maryland.

Sion Toifou

Morningside University

Barrow, Alaska

James Cazor

North Dakota State University

Saint Cloud, Minnesota.

Garrison Dodge

Peru State College

Auckland, Neb.

Michael Wozniak

St. John’s University (Minnesota)

New Hope, Minnesota.

caleb hai

Southeast Oklahoma State University

Waxahachie, Texas

dead night

Mount Union University

Ashtabula, Ohio

Honorary Head Coach


The school

Mark Stubbs

University of Kentucky

Highlights of the Allstate AFCA 2022 Team Good Works roster

  • Wide reception for Peru State College Garrison Dodge He put in more than 1,500 volunteer hours during his college career, and founded the Athletes 4 Children’s Charitable Fundraising Association. For the past two years, Dodge has been a leader on the planning committee for Sexual Assault Awareness Month and has organized fundraising campaigns for Project Response.

  • Northwest Quarterback Ryan Hilinsky He is a mental health advocate, mentor, and coach who founded Hilinski’s Hope, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and educating student-athletes in mental health.

  • USC Quarterback Caleb Williams She created the Caleb Cares Foundation, which supports awareness of mental health and youth development as well as taking a stand against bullying.

  • Defensive line man Saint John Michael Wozniak Help raise nearly $42,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and more than $23,000 for the Randy Shaver Fund for Cancer Research and Society through the Tackle Cancer University of St. John’s Football Initiative.

selection panel

The final 22-member team and honorary coach were selected by a selection panel that includes Allstate AFCA Good Works team members and journalists.

In addition to Hawkes and Tebow, the members of the Allstate AFCA Good Works 2022 Team Selection Committee are: Zaid Abdul Aleem (Duke, Team 1994); Brian Brenberg (St. Thomas, 2001); Wes Counts (Central Tennessee, 1999); Mike Broman (Amherst, 2002); Matt Stinchcombe (Georgia, 1997 and 1998); Media members Kirk Herbstreet (ESPN), Blair Kerkhove (Kansas City Star) and Paul Meyerberg (USA Today); 2022 AFC President and University of Wyoming coach Craig Pohl; and 2001 President of the Asian Football Confederation and current Director of Athletics at Virginia Union University Joe Taylor.

Captain’s voice

in can learn more about players’ accomplishments and vote for the Allstate AFCA Good Works 2022 captaincy once per day until November 22.

“Too often, stories like this are ignored in team athletics. Our sport is defined by character and team mentality first, and the Allstate AFCA Team of Good Business embodies all that is good in football,” AFC Executive Director Todd Berry He said. “We encourage fans from around the world to learn more about everything these players are doing for their communities.”

Throughout the season, fans can join the conversation using the #GoodWorksTeam on their social media channels to learn more about these players and their stories.

About the Good Staff at Allstate AFCA®

The Allstate AFCA Good Works Team was established in 1992 by the College Football Association, in recognition of the additional efforts of college football players and student support staff off the field. The AFC became the governing body for the award in 1997 and continues to honor college footballers who go the extra mile for those in need. Allstate has served to introduce the award starting in the 2008 season.

The Southeast Conference (SEC) has led all conferences with 82 selections for the Allstate AFCA Good Business Team since its inception in 1992. The SEC is followed by the Atlantic Coast Conference with 52 selections, the Big 12 Conference, and the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, both with 39 selections. Georgia holds the top spot with 22 Allstate AFCA Good Works Team Honorees. The Kentucky Bulldog follows with 17 honors. Super Bowl XLII, XLVI and MLB quarterback Eli and Peyton Manning were members of the Allstate AFCA’s Good Works teams for 2002 and 1997, respectively.

About the Asian Football Confederation

The AFC was founded in 1922 and currently has over 11,000 members worldwide ranging from high school level to professional ranks. According to its constitution, the AFC was formed in part to “maintain the highest possible standards in football and in the coaching profession” and “to provide a forum for discussion and consideration of all matters relating to football”.

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