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A few months ago, I was doing what I do best: doodling online. Usually trying to look for specialized things like lord of the rings anime or See what all the hate is Regarding the new series. I usually find very good things. Sometimes okay. And of course, a lot of things that I find bad. But it is the rare and happy day when I find something so wonderful, so praiseworthy that I am invited to open my computer and write a 1500 word essay about it as if I were college kid work on the night hypothesis Or something like that (I went to art school so I didn’t have to write any of that crap). But today, I am that brave college student. Instead of writing about something boring like economics or Tolstoy or moral relativismwrite about something cool.

and web comic Kill six billion demons by Tom Parkinson Morgan is fucking cool.

Honestly, stop what you’re doing. stop now. Close this page and just open the above hyperlink Read it. Because the more you read my silly writings, the more you’ll think ‘Maybe I should read more From this silly writing so that I can be convinced to spend five minutes reading something new I You may or may not like. Well, listen, if you want to read an entire article on why you should read this comic, I’m glad I wrote it for you, but for all the people who The value of their time I’ll just give a small summary: A sorority girl travels to a city in the middle of the multiverse to save her boyfriend from the Seven Evil Kings who rule creation.

Dope isn’t it? Go read it.

Fine. I will write the rest of the article.

Well, the story begins with college girl Alison and her ruthless boyfriend Zedd on the verge of getting caught up in the dress-up crime. For the virgins here, that means They’re about to have sex. But here’s the thing, Alison is a virgin too, so it takes a while for her to get ready for the idea of… intercourse. So, right before they can kill the dead, a multi-dimensional portal opens in their bedrooms and the former King of the Multiple Corridors is being chased by angels made of stone, plants and a cosmic gem in the middle of Alison’s shop in front of the angels head and stealing her boyfriend. Go back and re-read that sentence again, then scroll up and click on the link. You still do not go? Oh. Mine. Goddess of the Seven Heavens.

So after Alison puts the stone in her face, she is mutilated at the center of the universe in a city called The Throne. The city is home to countless creatures, including hideous demons, alien species, more stone angels, and a few other humans for fun. Like the best of us, she’s afraid of hell. After causing a bit of a mess in her confused state, an angel named 82 White Chain Born In Emptiness Returns to Subdue Evil rescues her (yes that is her Noun) from some bad gangsters who run the fun syndicate. White Chin then reveals to Alison that the stone in her head is a legendary superweapon called the Key of Kings, capable of splitting. reality itself Far, aloof, on. It is a treasure sorely sought by the Seven Evil Kings of Creation: The Demiurges, who each rule 111,111 of the 777,777 universes. White Chain tries to convince Alison that the best course of action would be to remove the stone from her head (because the infractions are not to be messed with) Alison decides that she needs to go ahead and play with them to save her friend Zane. why? Because according to an ancient prophecy, a chosen one from another world will come who will hold the Key of Kings and destroy the Seven. They will carry the blade of terrible want, and their name will be: Slay six billion demons.

The Seven believed that the person who would become the one who would kill six billion demons was Zed. And boy, do they have something else coming up.

Seriously. Read it.

Still not convinced? Fine. Then I give my word as 47 Mary Sue bears the useless knowledge online of Midnight Poptarts microwaves that by the end of this article, you will be.

So let’s start with building the worldor rather 777777 building the universe. It is perhaps the most detailed, comprehensive, and creative account of theological beliefs from around the world that I own. I watched it so far. Yes, elements of the Abrahamic religion appear in great abundance, such as angels and demons, but the world itself borrows heavily from Eastern religions and philosophy. The absolute Creator of the universe, who has no gender named YISSUN, is essentially a Buddha-like figure who teaches metaphysical concepts to his disciples. It’s part science fiction and part philosophy, yet each of YISSUN’s teachings has a beautiful and strange truth. The work itself appears to have been inspired, and many of the writings from the multiverse bible “Ode to Maybe” are really profound. The scriptures are parables written in text at the bottom of each panel of the storyboards, and they appear below the first few pages of the main story as Jesun asking one of his disciples for the true name of God. And then, Jason answer the questionAnd the thing that astounds the mind is It’s a really good answer. Actually, it’s a file only answer Maybe. I won’t spoil it, but it’s simple and profound at the same time, and this is just one of the hundreds From stories and proverbs written by the author for comics. And it’s not even part of the comedy.

Meanwhile, the comedy itself is just as rich. Art is rendered in beautiful and haunting detail. The flaps unfold like paintings. Like the Kentaroo Muira frame RambunctiousOne can spend an hour searching for new details in the sprawling paintings. The character designs are equally breathtaking, and familiar mythical creatures such as angel, goblins, and dragons offer mods completely unrecognizable. Angels, for example, are multidimensional, formless beings who live in stone bodies in order to exist in the physical world. They have a number in front of their name (i.e. 82 white string) to indicate how many times they have died and reincarnated. They are multiple peacekeepers, holy warrior monks sworn to uphold the law and punish the wicked. And they do this by hitting the tar from the use of violators of the law Angelic martial arts. Yes, this web comic is just as much an action manga as it is a religious text. There is definitely Glorious Fighting sequences between characters that are not to be missed. Demons (or “demons”) are equally interesting, and like angels, they are creatures that live in the space between worlds. They are brought to a physical level by magicians through a process known as “hiding” in which the summoned demon is given a mask to wear that connects them to reality. There are different types of demons, one of these characters is a blue demon named Cio who later becomes Alison’s loud and boisterous companion.

The cherry on top of this multidimensional cake is that Kill Six Billion Demons is basically a story about lesbian women. Spoiler alert: As the story continues, Allison discovers that she’s not just with boys, but girls as well. I really don’t want to spoil anything, but the relationship that Alison forms with one of the women at her adventurous party is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen in my many years of reading obsessive stuff. While the story is fictional, the story is based on extraordinary characters. While Kill six billion demons It begins as a story about an immature sorority girl who wants nothing more than to go home, and turns into a story about what it means to be a heroine, with Allison growing into her role as “chosen one” in a way that seems natural and emotionally honest.

In the subpar story, the main character is previously The hero the universe needs. They just need some modifications and reinforcements and they are ready to save the world. In a great story, the hero does not deserve the fate imposed on them, but instead of evading their duty, they rise to the occasion and had become The hero the universe needs. During the series, Allison begins to realize that the problems of her old life were small. A 19-year-old has been dealing with the things that 19-year-old girls have to deal with: dirty jobs, emotionally immature boys, college classes, the pressure to belong, and the feeling of not knowing who they want to be when they grow up. But the feeling should already be known. Alison (and this is not a criticism) is involved in the beginning of the story, as are most (if not all) young people. As the story progresses, she grows into a strong woman as she realizes it He already has strength. She is not weak or immature, she simply needed a challenge to sink her teeth into. She needed a reason to grow. And that reason is to protect the world, all the worlds, and the people you love. It’s a beautiful story that I read completely in just a few days. I say almost complete because the author is still in the process of writing it. I don’t know how it will turn out, but I’ll stay here and find out. I hope you do too.

So for the love of the seventh part of God’s name, please Go read this webcomic. Or if the paper reading is above your speed, you can buy Editions collected via Image Comics. The fate of the multiverse depends on it.

Featured image credit: Tom Parkinson Morgan

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