Greg Bevel helped Kurt Busch’s Kickstart job at NASCAR

Greg Bevel


Greg Bevel (left) said he chose Kurt Busch (right).

Greg Bevel You just gave a great piece of information. 19 times cup chain The winner revealed that he was personally selected Kurt Busch to Jack Rush and help start a career likely to end in the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Bevel made a revelation during September 13th episode From the podcast “The Dale Jr. Download”. He explained how he came from a unique background building his race cars in Portland, Oregon, and how Benny Parsons helped him transition to NASCAR. Then Bevel explained the role he played in getting both Kurt and Kyle Bush to get some chances.

“That’s fun. It’s kind of like when I came in, guys… it was unheard of to hire a guy to drive a cup car under the age of 25 and 28,” Bevel said to Earnhardt and Mike Davis. And I’m not saying I started this trend because Jeff Gordon was younger than me.

As Bevel explained, Roche wanted to know how many other drivers like him are scattered across the United States waiting for a chance. He proceeded to identify the number, which led to a defining moment in the lives of the Bosch brothers.

“I chose carefully – in Toledo, Ohio – I chose Kurt Bosch,” Bevel added. “They wanted to hire this other guy. I said, ‘This is your guy.’ We hired [him]. Kurt was 18 and 19 years old, and that’s where Kurt comes in. Then we hire his brother. His brother is 16 years old.”

Bush wins for Roche

Kurt Busch

GTKurt Bush handed a championship to Roche.

Busch and Biffle have been teammates for several seasons in both the Truck Series and the Cup Series. They have had several wins, even placing first and second overall during the 2000 Truck Series.

Bosch, in particular, has made some major moves after one full-time season in the truck series. He moved on to the Cup Series and drove the 97th Ford full-time in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005. He had a hit of entry, winning 14 races and taking home the 2004 Cup Series Championship.

Bush’s time with Roush and Biffle ended after the 2005 season, but he continued to produce big moments in the Cup series. He racked up 34 career wins, placing him at number 25 on the Best of All Time list. Bosch has also arrived at Victory Lane with Dodge, Chevrolet, Ford and Toyota, which puts him on the list of elite drivers.

The role of Kyle Bush changed the rule in NASCAR

Kyle Bush

GTNASCAR changed the rule because of Kyle Bush.

The elder Bush signed with Roach and made his national series debut during his 21-year-old season, 2000. His younger brother, Kyle, made his debut on the Truck series for Roach one year later at the age of 16.

Rowdy started in six starts in the #99 Ford for Roush during the 2001 season. He finished ninth at both Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park and Las Vegas Motor Speedway while posting an average finish of 19.2 during his debut.

Cale was scheduled to make his seventh start this year In Auto Club SpeedwayBut he didn’t get that chance. The reason, Biffle explained, is that NASCAR changed the rule and raised the minimum race age for the Cup Series. This made Cale unavailable to Roach.

Kyle did not return and compete in the truck series until the 2004 season. Instead, he joined Hendrick Motorsports and took over the Xfinity series in 2003 while driving for Hendrick Motorsports. He started seven times and then moved to a full-time schedule in 2004, a season that included five trips to Victory Lane.

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