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Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert wasted no time in addressing the news regarding his show on Monday night. CBS host late show He said hello and then asked the audience, “Quick question, how was the weekend? I definitely have an interesting question, because some of my employees have a memorable one.”

Colbert was referring to the news that surfaced Friday that members of his crew and crew had been arrested on Capitol Hill while attempting to film a segment featuring the Triumph The Insult Comic Dog, a doll voiced by Robert Smeijl. The segment focused on the committee’s January 6 hearings.

“Members of the Democratic and Republican Congress have agreed to speak to Triumph,” Colbert said. “He’s a bipartisan puppy. He’s very neutral, he’s neutral.”

The production crew actually filmed for two days in the congressional offices.

“They went through security clearance, fired all day Wednesday, all day Thursday, and called into the offices of the members of Congress they were meeting with,” Colbert said.

Following Thursday’s interviews, the crew was filming some “last-minute muppets” in a corridor of the Longworth House office building when Capitol Police approached and detained them. They were treated and later released.

Actor and comedian Robert Smigel plays Triumph the Insult Comic Dog in the corridors of the Cannon House office building on Thursday.

Chip somophila / Getty Images

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Chip somophila / Getty Images

Actor and comedian Robert Smigel plays Triumph the Insult Comic Dog in the corridors of the Cannon House office building on Thursday.

Chip somophila / Getty Images

Colbert did not seem upset about what happened with the police and said that “in fact, it is not surprising”.

“The Capitol Police are much more vigilant than they were 18 months ago, and for very good reason,” Colbert said, referring to the January 6 mutiny.

“If you don’t know what that reason is, I know the news network you’re watching,” Colbert added. Fox News chose not to broadcast The commission’s preliminary hearing is January 6th.

Overall, though, Colbert said that “the Capitol Police were just doing their job,” and that everyone was professional and calm throughout.

Colbert called it a “fairly simple story,” or at least it was “until the next night when two TV people started claiming that my client team had quoted a ‘committed rebellion’ in the U.S. Capitol.”

Among the “TV men” Colbert referred to was Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who called the CBS team “vandals” and falsely said they had violated the Capitol.

“They weren’t in the Capitol,” Colbert said Monday night. “I was shocked that I should explain the difference—but the rebellion involves the disruption of congressional legal procedures and the howling for the blood of elected leaders, all to prevent the peaceful transfer of power.

“This was a first-class puppeteer. Goofy build hustle. Stealing an ancient Conan piece.”

Colbert said the misrepresentation of his team was a predictable move by conservative television media.

“They want to talk about something other than the January 6 hearings about the actual incendiary insurrection that killed several people and injured more than 140 police officers,” Colbert said. “But to draw any equivalence between a rioter storming the Capitol to prevent electoral votes being counted and a toy dog ​​nibbling a cigar, is a shameful and outrageous insult to the memory of all who died. And it flagrantly diminishes the service and courage in the Capitol Police appeared on that terrible day.”

To make his point about how ridiculous the description of the clip depicting a rebellion was, Colbert joked about the “long history of bloody lawlessness” including the Jim Henson classic, The big doll has grown up.

“But, in this case, our doll was just a doll doing doll stuff,” Colbert said. “And sad to say, so much has changed in Washington that the Capitol Police must remain on high alert at all times due to the January 6 attack. As the hearings prove more and more clearly every day, blame is on the actual All rebellion is in the hands of Putin’s puppet.