‘House of the Dragon’ just dropped a new Westeros wedding

In the Game of thrones Premiere, a bloody fight broke out at the wedding between Daenerys Targaryen and Dothraki warlord Khal Drogo. Illyrio Mopatis explains that such violence is a regular element of the festivities: “A Dothraki wedding without a death at least three times is considered boring.”

This line seems to apply across the narrow sea as well. The Red Wedding marked the death of Robb Stark, King of the North, as well as his wife and unborn child, his mother, werewolf, and the army. The purple wedding marked the end of Joffrey, the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. And now, in the fifth episode of Dragon House“We Light the Way,” the pre-wedding banquet to celebrate the wedding of Reinera Targaryen and Lenore Villarion ends with a murder of her own.

A Westerosi wedding is never a quiet occasion. and while the DragonRecent weddings don’t culminate in the King’s murder – only Geoffrey Lonemouth, Lenore’s lover’s secret – still catalyze a major leap forward for the next Civil War.

Rhaenyra and Laenor’s welcome feast offers many similarities to real-world weddings, while reinforcing many of the same lessons. For example, popular advice is to never invite an ex to a wedding – and “we light the way” explains why, when the recently humiliated Kriston Cole instigated the duel that turns Pride and prejudice– Luxurious ensemble dancing in disarray.

And Kriston isn’t the only ex to cause distracting drama during Eid. Satan is just kind of an ex, since he only got in touch with his niece on one occasion, but he definitely causes drama in so many ways. First, he appears in the first place, though he is banished by order of the king in the last episode; He then argues with Gerald Royce, who is upset about the murder (ahem, tragic accidental death) of his cousin Rhea, Damon’s wife; He finally catches the bride in the middle of the dance floor, trying to win her over and prevent her planned marriage from moving forward.

Daemon also inspires another modern wedding paradigm, where single guests mate for future relationships. We don’t see what comes out of his meeting with the now grown-up Laina Villarion – but the two engage in heavy flirtation in only a short time together on the dance floor.

Yet the most significant insult is intended It comes from Alicent Hightower, usually for social convenience, which overpowers the bride by arriving halfway through Viserys’ welcome letter. Combining character development, dramatic risk, and a brilliant blend of aesthetic beauty and plot thrust, Alicent’s one-minute entry is the most exciting of all five. the Dragon episodes so far.

Aliscent chose the moment for her grand intervention with care and precision. She stands alone, implicitly summons the room’s attention, and walks through the center of the room, masked face, to the podium at the front of the hall. When she arrived, she rotated the knife even more by emphasizing her position in the royal hierarchy.

“Daughter-daughter,” she calls out to Rhaenyra, her ex-boyfriend and soul sister, for the first time on the show. Then she kissed the king and took her proud place at his side.

As Aliscent strategically makes herself the center of attention of the whole world, the guests – all of her royal subjects – stand up, the ominous music amplifies, and her choice of clothing appears ever brighter. She doesn’t wear white to her daughter’s wedding, to be fair, but she chooses a more ostentatious color: a bright emerald green that catches everyone’s eye.

Likes Photographing flowers in the Victorian eraThe symbolic meaning of this color—so distinct from the Targaryen icon of red on black she wore in the last episode—is clear to all attentive wedding guests.

“The beacon on the Hightower – do you know the color that lights up when Oldtown calls its emblem to war?” asks Larice Strong, whispering aside.

“Green,” replies his brother Harwin – who later dances with Rhinera and saves her from the brawl alone – enthusiastically.

Aliscent may not be happy embracing such brazen political intrigue, and indeed seems to be conflicting throughout the episode – but such demonstrations are a necessary evil for those who seek to thrive in the Red Cape. And for Alicent in particular, who has spent so many episodes and years subduing her desires, hiding her feelings, and playing the role of obedient daughter, wife, and mother, embracing her agency in this public way is a crucial step.

“I am the Queen,” Aliscent Larez said early in the episode. “I have no shortage of allies.” But her face falters at this statement, because she’s actually all alone in the capital. Her father is gone, her best friend swears lies over the memory of her deceased mother, and as the “Narrow King of the Sea” has shown, she feels trapped, mentally and physically, in the position of pumping children – who may soon be in peril due to the threat they pose to the succession of Rhinera – to the king.

Now, though, I’m really invested in playing Game of Thrones, Only after getting wet in possibility before. She makes her presence felt and displays her royal power. She has not one or two powerful allies, but potentially three.

House Hightower – whose logo for the ring provides its title – is sure to bring Oldtown fortune to aid in any struggle. “She stood tall,” said her uncle Hobart, the captain of the house, after her historic entry. “Know that Oldtown stands with you.”

Larys Strong is also nominally on her side after trading minute details and information in Godswood, though he’s such a deceitful scheme – his lines in this scene may have fallen straight out of Littlefinger’s mouth – that he may not be trustworthy.

Most of all, she has a new ally in Creston Cole, a knight of the Kingsguard, who is willing to stab himself after Rhaenyra’s refusal and violent murder of Joffrey – only to interrupt him and help a vital figure transform from Rhaenyra’s grip into Alicent king.

thrones He gave us the red wedding and the purple wedding. on a future the Dragon Timeline, once the battle lines appear and the Civil War breaks out, this will probably be known as The Green Wedding in honor of Aliscent’s theft of the show.

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