Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster-Led The Music Man Revival Cast Album Released September 23

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Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster Led music man Revival Cast album was released on September 23

The album from Accidental Jacket Entertainment in partnership with Time-Life features the original Broadway revival team.

Hugh Jackman, Sutton Foster, and the cast music man
Giulietta Cervantes

The current Broadway revival of Meredith Wilson‘s music manLed by Tony Winners Hugh Jackman And the Sutton Fosterlaunches its own Previously announced The album is released September 23. The cast gathered to score at the Manhattan Center on July 25. The edition is being launched by Accidental Jacket Entertainment in partnership with Time-Life.

The Tony-nominated revival continues at Broadway’s Winter Garden Theater, with a final showing on January 1, 2023.

The album features the original Broadway production crew, including Jackman and Foster as Harold Hill and Marianne Barrow, respectively, along with fellow winners Tony Shuler Hensley Like Marcellus Washburn, Jefferson Miss Mayor Shen, Jane Hodeshell Like Ms. Shen, and Mary Mullen like Mrs. Barrow and Remy Obergonwice like Charlie Coyle, Gino Cosculuela as Tommy Gilas, Emma Crowe Like Zaneta Shane, Benjamin Bagak like Winthrop, Kayla Teruel like amaryllis, Garrett Long Like Ethel Toffelmier, Linda Muggleston like Alma Hicks, Jessica Sheridan like Maud Dunlop, Rima Webb Like Mrs. Squires, Philip Boykin Like Olin Britt, Eddie Corbisch like Jesse Squires, Daniel Torres Like Ewart Dunlop, Nicholas Ward Like Oliver Hicks, Lance Roberts such as Constable Locke, and Max Clayton As a reserve for Harold Hill.

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Also featured from the original cast Nick AlvinAnd the Jordan BellRonnie S Bowman Jr. Maria BriggsAnd the Audrey CardwellAnd the GT ChurchAnd the Cami ChromeAnd the Aydin IcanAnd the Carly FlanaganAnd the Ethan Green the YoungerAnd the Emily Joel HoderAnd the Curtis HollandAnd the Eloise CropAnd the Ethan LavazanAnd the Kayla LavigneAndrew Maynard Sean MontgomeryAnd the Tanner QuirkAnd the Daniel Patrick RussellAnd the Ann SandersAnd the Sheris SpringerAnd the Mitchell TobinAnd the Kathy WojkoAnd the Woodman BranchAnd the Ryan Worsing in the group.

The album was produced by a Grammy nominee Robert Sher In partnership with Brian Gillet and Huck Walton. Steve Schultz and Catherine Schultz are executive producers, with Mark David Levine, Evan McGill, Patrick VaccarielloAnd the David Garfinkel Work as co-producers.

music manFeaturing book, music and lyrics by Meredith Wilson, it tells the story of what happens when con artist Harold Hill arrives in River City and falls in love with the librarian, Marianne. The work first opened on Broadway in 1957 at the Majestic Theatre. She played the 2000 revival of Neil Simon Theatre. Jerry Zaks directs the new production of the musical, which also features vocal and choreographic arrangements David ChaseThe Tonic Orchestra is directed by Patrick Vacariello.


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