Liberty beat Mystics while Natasha Howard scored a season-high 27 points

Patience is a virtue. When it seems bad early on, it’s easy to give in, and let doubt overwhelm and frustrate you. However, when you keep going, stick to your principles, and keep pushing, good things will happen.

Thursday night, New York Liberty hosted the Washington Mystics. It was a tough shooting night, but when you play an excellent and organized defense you can beat a shooting night and still play well. That’s what Liberty did when they won 77-65 against the Faithful in their hometown. The team is now 6-9 on WNBA The season where they continue the wonderful month of June. After the 1-7 start, the lib is 5-2.

Coming into the game, we mentioned that MysticNatasha Cloud was shooting 17.9 percent off a three-point span in June. At the same time, Cloud told us “It’s a shooterAnd she proved exactly why we should listen to players when they tell us things. Liberty went under a few screens in the first half, and made them pay for it with three threes.

In the post-game, Sandy Brundillo reports that she turned Marin Johannes into her as MJ Sport helped keep the Mystics star in just 2 of 7 from the break. Without Rebecca Allen and Diddy Richards (more on them in a bit), it takes a team effort to slow down the elite players. At night, the Mystics only put out a .369/ .276/ .643 firing split because they couldn’t create enough attack without Elena Delle Donne, who was knocked out for a rest.

The 3-point shooting wasn’t at Liberty tonight as they only shot 6 out of 31 from depth, but it didn’t matter because they smashed the Mystics on the inside. Leps tied for the season with the highest points in the paint with 44 points as they constantly attacked the basket, made excellent passes, and played right over and over again.

There is one sequence I wanted to shout out from this game. Having missed a triple pointer in the corner in the fourth quarter, Michaela Oni made her transition back, blocked a quick breakout, and went out stealing…

That’s the level of dedication and effort she’d love to see, and I’m sure it’s something her coaches and teammates will appreciate, too. Little things like this go a long way in inculcating the culture you want to build as you represent BK to the fullest.

Do it the right way

Washington Mystics vs New York Liberty

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Tonight, Liberty committed ten low turnouts for the season. It might have been a lot less had it not been for the local citizen jinx! In game post, we asked Brondello about making the most of every possession, especially on a night when the triples didn’t fall:

“It’s big. We lost games because of our silly transformations and a lot of unintentional mistakes. We just take care of the ball and that’s just an understanding of balance. More poise, purpose, chemistry and preaching simple plays. We don’t need to make touchdown passes. We want to make sure we work on the second sides. And the third and this is the time when teams are hard to protect and hopefully have a wide open look. When you look at our stats now from May to June, it’s day and night. We take care of them, we don’t send them to the foul line, we take care of the ball, and we bounce. Just essential parts of basketball, right? You do those three things really well and put yourself in a position to win.”

During the match, Mark Schindler WNBA.com And the basketball news He made a great point about Stephanie Dolson.

In the first quarter, Dolson made two passes to get out of the high position, including this beauty to Crystal Dangerfield…

We asked Brundello about Dolson’s departure (I shouted to Mark to inspire our question), and how well it integrated into the attack:

“Awkward. She and Han complement each other. Han is obviously more of a scorer. Steve is more than just a defensive announcer, but he’s a great passer and checker. They both can do everything too. But that’s what she’s known for, her passing ability. That got us going, We made it right high percentage shots on the edge with [Natasha Howard] in the first half.”

We also spoke with Stef in training on Wednesday, and you can read our interview over here.

Sabrina Ionescu had a tough shooting night as she went 3 of 16 from the field (0 out of 8 from a three-point span), but still made positive contributions across the field as she had seven rebounds, provided nine assists, and tied a career high with Four thefts. The great thing about Ionescu is that even when her shots aren’t around, she’s able to take the slopes, keep her ground, and help her teammates. As I explained to Miles Ehrlich of Windsor…

This is what winners do.

Han daily

Washington Mystics vs New York Liberty

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I did it again. Han Shuo finished second in the team by scoring tonight with 12 points from 6 from 7 shots from the field. The two of them came from such an impressive jump bounce back to start the second quarter…

Post-game Han was asked about the system that allows her to play at the level most comfortable for her, and he replied through her interpreter Kevin Zhang:

“The offense is permitted.” [me] Not to be five traditionalists, and this offense puts [me] On the ground, it moves. And that’s what [I] like this what [I] enjoyment.”

As Brondello hinted, Dolson and Han are a great one-to-two combination that allows Liberty to get quality center minutes throughout the game.

Health Updates

Dallas Wings - New York Liberty

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Diddy Richards was promoted to potential, but she wasn’t able to get into the game as the staff decided she could use a few more days to get ready and get her hamstrings at 100 percent.

Rebecca Allen has a non-COVID illness, but in the preliminary match, Brundello said she “had a better day today” and hopes Beck will be fine on Sunday.

lead the way

Washington Mystics vs New York Liberty

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When a star isn’t portrayed well, it helps to have another star to turn to. Natasha Howard led all scorers with 27 points from 13 from 17 from the field and nine rebounds in 30:44 of the game. Howard got to work tonight because she was able to continue to build on the chemistry she developed with her teammates and work out the masterful paint finishes.

The beauty of playing with excellent ground generals is that they will always find you in the right place and pay their defense for the coverage they put out…

In game post, we asked Howard about having paint on a night like tonight when the three pointers don’t work:

“It was good to open the passage like the sea. I give credit to [Ionescu] And the [Johannes], find me and also read the defenders, how they play too. “

In game post, Howard also noted that even when Ionescu doesn’t drop her shot, she still plays a good defense and contributes in many ways. The stars are the epitome, and when the dynamic duo stays on top of things and chips all over the place, your team is bound to succeed.


Seattle Storm Connecticut Sun 2021 Commissioner's Cup Game

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Liberty returned on Sunday afternoon against the Seattle Storm. Noon tip in Brooklyn.