Newly signed Richanda Gray brings fitness to Phoenix Mercury

Richanda Gray, Phoenix Mercury’s newest striker, is for team spirit. Except for the time being, her soul is for the wrong team. Gray and goalkeeper Jenny Sims were signed by Mercury on Monday afternoon, hours before their first game in Phoenix. As Gray walked the footprint center trails for the first time as part of … Read more

2022 iRacing Season 3 Patch 2 Adds New Atlanta Motor Speedway

The latest iRacing update (2022S3P2) added the new configuration of Atlanta Motor Speedway to service along with other fixes and updates. Involved tweet Involved Involved E-mail As we reported over the past week, the new configuration of Atlanta Motor Speedway is finally available on iRacing starting Friday morning (July 1, 2022). It was not known … Read more

How to sort organic waste in Sacramento, and more Norcal counties

Highway 120. Mike: New laws go into effect today. One rule that will affect everyone is new rules about the way you dispose of trash. Brandi: KCRA 3’s Erin Heft joins us from the newsroom to explain how it works. Erin: Good morning. This is required statewide, by law, so if you’re listening to this … Read more

Space volcanoes: origins, variables and eruptions

Volcanoes represent some of the most interesting and violent geographical features on Earth, a force for destruction and creation. However, volcanic activity is not limited to our planet and space volcanoes are often found on other planets and moons. Within our solar system, the Moon and Mars are rich in evidence of volcanoes and fiery … Read more

Capture the beginning of the rotation of galaxies in the early universe

A conceptual image of MACS1149-JD1 forming and spinning up to speed in the early universe. Credit: ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO) As telescopes have become more advanced and powerful, astronomers have been able to discover more and more distant galaxies. These are some of the oldest galaxies that formed in our universe and that started to recede away … Read more

Can genetic testing help detect early kidney disease?

Researchers have developed a polygenic risk score for Chronic kidney failure (CKD) which performed well across ancestral diverse breed groups. The risk score combines risks from APOL1 genetic variants — which confer a high risk of CKD in black people — plus small risks from thousands of other genetic variants. APO1 and polygenic effects were … Read more

The “Tiger King” star has been charged with wildlife trafficking and money laundering

Bhagavan “Doc” Antle, who appeared in the 2020 docuseries “Tiger King”, has charged four others with 10 counts of wildlife trafficking and money laundering. Authorities allege that Antle and his employee “laundered more than $500,000 in cash they believed to be the proceeds of smuggling illegal immigrants across the Mexican border into the United States,” … Read more

Long-Term Problems for Long-Term Care Insurance Providers – Business Journal

Submitted by W3 Wealth Management Youngstown, Ohio – Insurance companies always win, right? Well, that wasn’t necessarily true when it came to long-term care insurance companies. What began in the late 1970s as “elderly home only” products, LTC insurance grew in popularity in the 1980s and 1990s as the decade’s language expanded to include subsidized … Read more

Mental health services are expanding in Baltimore City schools

Peace of mind in Maryland. Here, figures from the city of Baltimore a year ago provided mental health services to more than 8,000 students during that time. That decline is expected to grow as it makes counselors available in 131 schools, students available in schools, and levels available in schools. Louise Fink is the homeschool … Read more

11 Worst Breads To Get Away From Right Now – Eat This Not That

in depth, bread It doesn’t seem like it should be unhealthy. After all, this essential ingredient only has flour, yeast, and water as its building blocks. But that hasn’t stopped a variety of companies from taking what should be a simple blend of healthy ingredients and loading them up with sugar, salt, fat and other … Read more