Scientists bring the fusion energy that lights up the sun and stars closer to reality on Earth

Physicist Min-Gu Yoo with slices of his paper in the background. Credit: Elle Starkman/PPPL Office of Communications; Collage by Kiran Sudarsanan Physicists at the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) have suggested the source of the sudden, baffling heat meltdown that precedes perturbations that could damage the bun-shaped tokamak fusion facilities. … Read more

A rare condition that makes hair truly untamable, all thanks to these genes: ScienceAlert

It’s a hair condition that has frustrated parents for decades, scientists now believe they’ve discovered The genes responsible For the treatment of “non-stretchy hair syndrome”. Yes, it is really something. Unextended hair syndrome is more than just tough hair. As its name suggests, it’s hair that stands out from all angles, making it nearly impossible … Read more

New Ohio Wildlife Officer assigned to Fairfield County

Columbus — Ohio Wildlife Officer Jade Heizer of Miamisburg has a new assignment in Fairfield County, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Wildlife Refuge. A 2020 graduate of the Wildlife Personnel Academy, Officer Heiser previously served as a senior officer in Central Ohio and in Washington County. Officer Heizer, 27, graduated from … Read more

G7 oil price ceiling is a risky gamble – Politico

Johannes Norden is a junior research fellow at the Institute for Security and Development Policy. Before Russia’s Gazprom completely throttled gas flows through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, G7 leaders agreed in early September to impose a price cap on Russia’s energy exports. By taking advantage of Central Europe’s position in the global marine insurance … Read more

Morrison and Cerneglia discuss the need to expand mental health services in Cook County

15th Cook County Democratic Commissioner Kevin Morrison of Mount Prospect and Republican contender Chuck Cerneglia of Hoffman Estates shared their views on the need for expanded mental health services from the county — in part in response to violence like the July 4 shooting in the Heights. Garden in which seven people were killed In … Read more

A study finds that weight training and aerobic exercise reduce the risk of premature death

Editor’s note: Subscribe to CNN’s But Better Fitness newsletter series. Our seven-part guide will help you relax into a healthy routine, backed by experts. CNN – Aerobic activities and weight training have health benefits in and of themselves, but combining them can have an even greater impact when it comes to preventing disease and the … Read more

Recognition . . . Schenectady Social Worker Bernadette McDaniel – The Daily Journal

SCHENECTADY – Schenectady social worker Bernadette McDaniel brings so many things to life every day, helping families across the metropolitan area secure everything from health care to food. McDaniel runs the HealthySteps Program at Ellis Medicine’s Pediatric Center, where she identifies gaps in the developmental, physical and social needs of low-income children and their parents, … Read more

‘Sham’ Ukrainian referendum results point to Russia’s annexation

Russia says the majority voted for annexation “Welcome home, in Russia!” Medvedev says Russia’s parliament says it may consider annexation on October 4 The United States plans a UN resolution to reject any change in Ukraine Russian undersea gas pipelines mysteriously damaged LONDON/ZAPORIZIA, Ukraine (Reuters) – Officials who installed Russia in four occupied regions of … Read more

Opinion: The Fed is missing a crucial turning point in its fight against inflation because it believes in flawed data

The Fed can’t see the next potential economic meltdown because it’s still looking in the rear-view mirror, seeing nothing but High inflation. The risk arises because the CPI and PCE – the two most important measures of inflation – have a fatal flaw in the way they measure shelter costs. “ If you get your … Read more