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Patrick Reed emerges from his bunker on Sunday at the 18th hole at Wentworth Golf Club.

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Addressing the defamation case against the Gulf Channel and analyst Brandel Chambley, Patrick Reed said that the narrative against him is “he’s a horrible person, he’s a cheater, a liar and a thief” and that “you have to stand up and fight for yourself, and fight for what you believe in.”

In an exclusive interview with Sunday timesReed also says comments made by Rory McIlroy about LIV Golf players’ participation this week in the BMW PGA Championship are “offensive”. And after his last round on Sunday at Wentworth Golf Club, Reed told reporters that if a Leaf golfer ever won a backhand event, “there’s going to be some kind of media storm.”

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The suit’s comments were the first known on the subject, and we’ll start from there. Last month , Reed sued for defamation in the Southern District of Texas v. Chamblee and Golf Channel, alleging that they “conspired as joint undertakers of the PGA Tour and with it, its executives and commissioner Jay Monahan, to engage in a pattern and practice to discredit Mr. Read”. The lawsuit uses quotes from Chamblee from his time on air for Golf Channel and Sky Sports as well as in podcasts to claim more than $750 million in damages.

In the interview with Sunday times – Which You can read in full here – Reid said he needed to defend himself.

Reed said to Sunday times. “It’s as if the media painted me as this black hat, and they just let it continue to increase their clicks as well as the amount of income they can bring in from attacking me. They run around with whatever they can find or try to spin it in a negative way. It’s hard to even talk About her for being fictional. Hatred and deceit for saying something like that about someone is just ridiculous.”

Continuing his thoughts on the lawsuit, Reed confessed to Sunday times That he drew attention himself, referring to the comments he made Jordan Spieth and Jim Forek at the 2018 Ryder CupBut he also said he never cheated. In particular , Red got punished for removing sand Who left his ball in a bunker during the 2019 World Championships of Champions, though he emphasized that he didn’t mean to go around the rules.

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“I have never intentionally tried to break any rule of golf to gain an advantage over anyone,” Reed said. Sunday times. “I am so proud of the hard work I do every day to try to gain an advantage in such a trivial and deceptive way.”

On the topic of LIV Golf players’ participation in the BMW PGA, McIlroy said after winning the PGA Tour’s championship. It will be hard to bear See LIV golfers at Wentworth, then Repeat this thought In his pre-tournament press conference.

Meanwhile, Reed played on the DP World Tour and the PGA Tour before joining the threat to both leagues, Leaf golfhe and 17 other LIV golfers played the BMW PGA on the DP World Tour this week, ahead of the trial that should determine whether he and other LIV players can play more DP World Tour events in the future.

“I feel like [Rory] Reed told The Guardian: Sunday times. “Let’s be honest, I [played the DP World Tour] More consistent than some Europeans on the PGA Tour, so they have to take shots at other players, in particular. Billy [Horschel] And Rory took shots at Team LIV saying they shouldn’t be here – I’ve done more on this tour than Billy did and have played almost as much as Rory for the past five years.

“I was able to speak to a group of DP World Tour players [on Tuesday] And none of them had any problem with my being here because of the support I’ve shown on this tour throughout my career, throughout Covid and at small events as well as big events.”

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After Reed’s last round in the BMW PGA, where he shot nine under 63 to finish fifth, he once again said the guys had been supportive all week. Also during the press conference, a reporter later asked, “Will you get to a point where people are so entrenched in their positions that they can’t change them?”

His answer also spoke of a comment he made in late June during that His introductory press conference LIVwhere he said LIV’s schedule would allow him more family time.

“I don’t know. To be honest with you, I have no idea,” Reed began. “Really at the end of the day, I feel like everyone has to come to terms with their decision. How do I look at it especially on a part of this tour, especially being an American and being, you guys, I’ve played on two tours my whole life, my entire career. I’ve played on the PGA Tour. And the European Tour at the same time.I don’t see any difference playing on the PGA Tour and here and playing on the LIV and here at all.

“If anything, with LIV playing and they only have 14 events, that means I’ll be here more. That means I’m playing six or seven events. Guys are like, oh, I joined LIV to play on a lower schedule. Well, I’m a guy I played 31 to 34 events a year. So if I played 14 and I said I played six here, that’s 20, so there are 11 to 14 events left. Another 11 to 14 weeks I can spend time with my family and that’s huge.

“But at the end of the day, as a player, I hope they do the right thing and let us play, but at the end of the day, it’s not our decision.”

Rory McIlroy watches his approach at the BMW PGA Championship on Thursday.

Rory McIlroy hits LIV golfers (twice) at the BMW PGA Demo Event


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Then a reporter asked, “What do you think the golf world’s reaction would be if a LIV player won one of these?”

In the BMW PGA, four LIV golfers finished in the top 20 – Reed tied for fifth, Taylor Gotsch finished fourth, Lee Westwood He tied for thirteenth, and Sam Horsfield and Abraham Anser tied for eighteenth.

“I don’t know,” Reid began. “At the end of the day, the guys at the LIV are really good golfers. I’m sure there would be some kind of media storm being the easiest way to put it, but that being said, it wouldn’t make a difference if it was last year and the guys were playing the PGA Tour, right?

“I mean, at the end of the day, really, if you take it all away, all the bullshit it all, it’s just another big player coming in and winning a golf tournament, whether it’s a PGA Tour, a LIV, a European Tour. There’s no big media just crazy when a European comes along. And he wins the PGA Tour, and when Billy comes along [Horschel] I won here as if a normal player would win from here. I don’t think there should be anything different. It just shows that the players are still ready to play and the players are hungry to win and they are really hungry to compete.”

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