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CHICAGO – After his team’s disappointing 19-10 loss to the Chicago Bears on Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback Tree Lance I stepped onto the podium ready to take the blame.

The first question was barely asked before Lance immediately began to brush off all his mistakes in defeat. List: toppling the narrow end and wide open Tyler Croft For a possible landing, an interception for the safety of the bears Eddie Jacksontook the sack that knocked the Niners out of goal range and missed the third throws to the receivers Debo Samuel And the Joan Jennings.

“There are a lot of mistakes on the field,” said Lance. “I’m a little frustrated with myself. I just feel so much better than that.”

Lance finished 13 of 28 for 164 yards with no touchdown passes and interception for a passer rating of 50.3. He also ran for the highest level on the team in buggies (13) and dash yards (54). The Bears were content with forcing Lance to hit them out of pocket, as they had not attacked him once in his 34th appearance. He is only the seventh player in the past 15 seasons to drop more than 30 times and not face a blitzkrieg. Quarters in such scenarios are 1-6, according to ESPN stats and information.

Of course, the Niners entered this season knowing that Lance would have his share of growing pains, but it was also hard to judge him (or anyone else) too much on a day when the rain never stopped and playing conditions were akin to slipping. ‘N Slide of a football field.

‘Absolutely not’, correct handling Mike McClinchy He said. “Not in these circumstances. I wouldn’t hold any of that against him. But for our performance as a team, the game shouldn’t have been in that position in the first place.”

That feeling was shared throughout the Niners’ locker room after coughing up a 10-0 lead in a match that seemed to be in control. For most of the first three quarters, it looked as if the Niners were going to send out the Bears with relative ease. But with every opportunity the 49ers offense had to extend the lead, they made a costly mistake in the form of penalty, turnover, or a combination of the two. While the offense wasn’t taking advantage of those opportunities, the defense continued to make the kind of mistakes that allowed the Bears to hang around.

San Francisco finished 12 penalties for 99 yards and two spins while it was 1 for 3 in the red. Chicago had three penalties for 24 yards and one turn while scoring touchdowns on each of the red zone flights. The Niners’ faults spread almost evenly, with four penalty kicks on attack, six on defense and two on special teams.

The timing of some of these irregularities was equally costly. The Niners had three defensive tackles in third for 45 yards, all of which landed Bear first. Two of those kept the first two recording batches of bears alive.

“It is hard enough to play against the opposing team,” Left Intervention Trent Williams He said. “It’s even more difficult when you play against yourself. I’ve been playing football for a long time. Any game I can remember where we had almost 100 yards in penalty kicks, we had two spins, especially one in the scoring range in the red, generally no This turns out very well.”

Now, the Niners must figure out how to fix their many issues before the second week against the Seattle Seahawks. The opening games against the Bears and Seahawks were supposed to be a relatively light introduction to the Lance as a start, but Sunday provided a reminder that no such thing as a sure thing in the NFL.

In theory, the 49ers should be able to fix many penalty kick problems. After all, many of them – like linebackers Dre GreenlawThe 15-yard face mask flag – it was the result of a bad decision and the 50/50 call wasn’t left in the hands of the officials.

This is not a guarantee, given that costly punishments have been an ongoing problem for the Niners in recent years. In 2021, the 49-man team finished third in penalty yards (1066) and had 11th in penalty kicks (539) in the league since coach Kyle Shanahan took charge in 2017.

But with Lance learning from his mistakes on the fly, the 49ers can’t make things more difficult for themselves or a promising season could slip away as quickly as Sunday’s game.

“It’s hard to win when you’re doing these things,” Shanahan said. “We always talk about getting it right longer. I think today was just the opposite.”

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