Rainbow Singer Ronnie Romero Returns To Joe Lynn Turner Over ‘Cheap Imitation’ Comments

Ronnie Romero Answer me Joe Lynn Turner On previous offensive comments Rainbow The singer introduced about the band’s latest lineup.

earlier this month, Turner Criticize Richie Blackmore For the guitarist’s decision to go out and perform classical music deep purple And the Rainbow Articles with a new group of musicians instead of a fix Rainbow With a more “original” assortment.

Blackmore Step away from his brand of Renaissance-inspired music with music Black More Night He debuted in 2016 to perform a few shows with a brand new lineup of the group he formed after leaving deep purple.

The current incarnation of Rainbow includes RomeroHe is originally from Chile but has now settled in Romania after living in Madrid, Spain for several years, as well as Stratovarius keyboard player Jens JohanssonAnd the Black More Night drummer David KeithGuitar player Pop Nouveau (Also known as Robert “Bob” CorianoPrevious-Black More Night), support singers Candice Knight And the Mrs. Lin.

Talking to “Rock Of Nations With Dave Kinchen and Shane McEachern” audio notation, Turner – who faced Rainbow From 1980 until 1984 he was a member of lilac From 1989 until 1992 – he said he was in talks with Blackmore For at least a year about a renewed collaboration before he found out about it from a French newspaper Richie He used to go back to rock but except Atmosphere from the project.

He asked if he thought it would be cool Rainbow To offer a reunion of all the surviving members in a special show or appearance at the festival, the singer said (as written by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “Okay man, I already tried that. Before Blackmore reunion – you know, this is “reunion”; Call it what you want – we’ve been having discussions about having everyone who’s been around Rainbow Together for splendor. I mean, anyone who was still alive, even pay tribute to him [Ronnie James] duet And everything, and trying to collect them all in one place at once, make a show of at least two and a half hours, an authentic show Rainbow Reunion. She has been crushed by his management and everything else. I mean, living nation Back. I had a documentary, a 3D documentary, like guns not flowers – the same man, Barry Summerswho did that. He’s a good friend of mine – and he just fell on deaf ears. And that became a reunion – I don’t know what it was, really, because it really wasn’t a reunion of anything. There was no one in Rainbow Before who was there. she was Black More NightReally, with a new singer. This was him.”

He continued, “There are a lot of people who loved Rainbow But they were too young to go to concerts or to have never seen them live, and this was an opportunity for these people – and I have a lot of people in my family like that – who wanted to go watch Rainbow but truly We see Rainbow. This was not it. That was, in my opinion – I’ve already said it’s a cheap imitation, a weak A cheap imitation of… I don’t know, man. I don’t even know what to call it. It was a train wreck for me. I think he damaged the legacy in this way Rainbow. ‘reason Rainbow They were a great band from start to finish.”

Earlier today (Friday 16th September),Romero took him Instagram To share the latest party photo Rainbow Include the following message: “There is a lot of power in our words when we are a ‘public person’, so we must be careful what we say…

“I don’t know and I don’t care what happens between The Main Man and some of the former members of the band, and what happened or whatever. I’m just an ordinary guy who once got a call from one of his singing idols in the band he’s always dreamed of singing…that’s it.” I am absolutely convinced that I did my job well, (same for jeansAnd the Bob And the Davidgreat musicians) as I continue to receive all the comments, appreciation and love everywhere I go.

“I also know that not everyone can like you, but I will not tolerate anyone calling my work ‘cheap’…No, sir.

“Maybe it is time for someone to move on, as he has done with other issues in his life, and be careful not to disdain only honest hard-working people here, as he does. In the end it is about music, that is the only thing that matters.”

Two and a half years ago, Turner . said “80’s Glam Metalcast” He was ‘talking to him’ [Ritchie‘s] The so-called “management” because they are mother-in-law for a good year. I have all the emails to prove it. We were talking back and forth about the reunion Rainbow Will be. And I wanted authentic Rainbow Reunion; I wanted to get original players. I wanted trulyRainbow – Not only Rainbow I was in – but I wanted to attend Doji White And the Graham Bonnet It was me Bob Daisley. Unfortunately, Jimmy Payne It may have passed and so forth, but Don Airy… I kind of wanted to make it Rainbow Amazing artistic production. There will be a basic gang, whether it is [Bobby] Rondinelli or [Chuck] Porgy on drums or Dave Rosenthal – I’ve talked to them all. I was lining up all of this.”

He continued, “You may or may not know anything about Blackmore The camp, as we call it, but they are heavily guarded. And my mother-in-law – the story is that I had a spy in that camp, and the story is that she was cursing me Richie I say I wanted complete control of everything. This is far from the truth. I was talking to living nation, which we have promised more than one hundred and sixty dates, either in the headlines and/or special guests at all the big festivals. our mark, worldwideNot only will an album be released, but a four-song EP will be released. I had had Rock Fuel Media Out of Los Angeles, who was going to create a 3D video of everything. It was gigantic and gigantic – amazing. And she turned and dropped it like a hot potato – and she gave me no reason for it. And I found out about it in a newspaper called Le Parisien I won’t be in the band. So I kind of laughed at it – just because he said I didn’t know anything about it. But I said, “Well, he’s making a mistake, but he doesn’t know anything about that.” I know that’s my opinion today.”

Turner went for cash Rainbowcurrent incarnation, saying ” Rainbow [Ritchie] Putting us together is nostalgic, but it’s not Rainbow. They never composed an album, and all they do are these spot dates. And anyone who goes to see them, it’s over Youtube. And that’s really all I have to say about it. If you ask me, he cheats the public. This was not my intention. So it is a pleasure to go along. Richie He’s allowed to do whatever he wants, and so am I. I don’t need to trouble. So it’s wonderful.”

according to Atmospherehe had his idea of ​​a Rainbow The reunion pays off, “It was unbelievable. Even the people who didn’t see Rainbow Before – there are a lot of people who love music and grew up on it – they still go out and see RainbowHe said, “No matter what formation he put together.” live between the eyes Or any of the living things we have compared to the things he got Youtube With this particular assembly, there is no comparison. no one. Our band rocked.”

Atmosphere sang on Rainbow album ‘difficult to treat’which included the band’s most successful UK single, “I give up”.

during TurnerWith time RainbowThe band achieved their first chart success in the USA and recorded songs that helped define the melodic rock genre.

Joe Lynn Turner image credit: Agata Negrovskaya

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