Report: Momentum gears towards ousting Daniel Snyder

House Oversight Committee Holds Hearing on Football Leaders Team in Washington

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The NFL has been hanging around owner-captain Daniel Snyder in recent years. And soon they might try to rein it in.

The Washington Post Reports say sentiment among team owners “has shifted markedly” as the league awaits the results of a congressional investigation and an NFL-commissioned study by Mary Jo White.

for every Mail“several owners” have said in recent days that they believe “serious consideration” could be given to trying to get rid of Snyder, “either by persuading him to sell his concession or by voting to remove him.”

The Unnamed owner said: “It needs to be sold.” Mail. “Some of us need to go to him and tell him he needs to sell.” The same owner predicted that “there will be a movement” to get rid of Snyder.

“We need to get 24 votes,” the owner told The Guardian. Mail.

In fact they do. But it may not be easy. While Snyder has a few friends or allies, one of them is Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Jones could lead the mission to ensure seven more would join Jones and Snyder in opposing an involuntary attempt to take out Snyder, after more than 20 years in command. Other owners could align with this effort, given the concern about setting a precedent that could in time be used against them.

Understandably, the organization tried to focus on the present and the future, not the past. It is not surprising, then, that President Jason Wright issued this statement to Mail: “We are making important progress in cultural transformation to ensure that our workplace is inclusive and safe for all. The Association has publicly acknowledged our efforts, and this progress has been confirmed by independent experts who regularly check our flight on this agreement. We focus tirelessly on continuous improvement at every level of the organization so that we can be a gold standard organization in all aspects.”

This sheds light, as the team always does, on the question of whether, to what extent, Snyder was implicated in misconduct, and what the appropriate consequences might be. The league and the team have consistently and stubbornly hidden this information from public view.

On July 1, 2021, the association announced the sanction imposed on the organization as a result of attorney Beth Wilkinson’s 11-month investigation. The association did not disclose any findings regarding Snyder’s behavior or Wilkinson’s recommendations for dealing with it. Earlier this year the PFT confirmed a report from 106.7 The Fan in DC that Wilkinson would have recommended that the league force Snyder to sell, if it was asked to reduce its recommendations to writing.

Resistance to action against Snyder could change with the White investigation, or with the ongoing investigation by the Oversight Committee.

In May, Garrett Bell USA Today I mentioned that some of the owners were count the votes Towards the magic number 24. The PFT reported in February that the allegations led to a follow-up to White’s investigation It could be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

However, it is possible that the league chose to go lightly for a reason. If Snyder’s alleged crimes force Snyder to leave, the other owners may face similar allegations and eventual pitfalls. Also, Snyder will likely refuse to go, using litigation in any court of competent jurisdiction to fight his associates. Likewise, he can choose to share details of similar behavior in relation to other media owners, if such evidence exists and if Snyder is privy to it.

Some of the owners don’t seem to care. It remains to be seen if this number reaches a critical mass of twenty.

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