Sidney Crosby, “Severe as usual”, Eyes of Longevity and another Stanley Cup

Sidney Crosby He’s never attended someone else’s Stanley Cup party. So, when he helped a fellow Nova Scotia and good friend Nathan McKinnon Celebrate this summerLet Crosby lose. As he recently joked, Crosby was “the fifth most drunk person out there.”

Do we see Crosby comfortable at the age of 18 NHL season?


“He’s as strong as ever as of late,” said McKinnon, who trained with Crosby for a long time over the summer holidays.

That intensity was on display on Monday morning in penguinsThe training facility, where Crosby led the drill while setting a fast pace during one of the players’ final informal training sessions before the opening of Thursday’s training camp.

However, a few hours later, we see the relaxed Crosby again: smiling as he moves to a house in a suburb of Pittsburgh to deliver a special package to holders of Penguins season tickets. Submit a photo to help the family’s eldest son, a high school club captain, ask a girl to come home (she said yes). Later, Crosby held tight to a hand-made drawing showing Number 87 of the family’s youngest daughter. And after a few autographs and signed photos, he was on his way to deliver another package to another family.

Dense, then relaxed.

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On Tuesday, Crosby worked out a different version of dueling sentiment. Once again, he will start his day by sponsoring one of the players’ unofficial trainings at the UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex. After that, the main attraction was an annual golf outing with the team of advertisers. This meant putting his competitive side aside at least a little – he says he wants to be great at golf – to bring honors around the sponsors.

Dense, then relaxed. Even restorative.

This is perhaps the final release of Crosby, whose significance to the penguins remains unrivaled after all these years. Still their greatest asset on and off the ice, he is the organization’s steward, and a leader highly regarded by everyone who collects a check from the Fenway Sports Group. Even prospects hope to play with Crosby, like a winger Nathan LegerNote how special Crosby is from afar.

“Sydney Crosby sets very high standards,” Legere said. “All anyone has to do is buy in the same direction. I think when you see the best player working at 100% every day, you wake up and want to do the same. He is the best in the league and he is the greatest example you can get.”

The Penguins management kept Crosby in the loop during off-season negotiations with his old teammates and dear friends Yevgeny Malkin And the Chris Letang this summer. Crosby spoke about his involvement in those negotiations on Monday, saying he “tried to keep up with everything” and added, “I don’t want to bother guys.”

However, the Penguins and the NHL’s sources confirmed it the athlete Anne Crosby Make his feelings known He told management that his wish was for “Geno and Tanger to stay,” as well as that Crosby visited Malkin at his Miami home “to check on his friend when talks aren’t going well,” a league source said.

Everything works. The Big Three Penguins together. GM Ron Hextall chose to bring back the so-called squad (with some new additions in defense) to take another shot at the fourth Stanley Cup title that has eluded Crosby since his back-to-back championship/Burst Con Smith in 2016 and 2017.

Crosby offside world Cup One of the most memorable achievements in hockey is between that trophy with the Penguins to cement his place as the undisputed player of his generation. He was in his late twenties at the time. He’s 35 now and no longer a unanimous choice as the best hockey player in the world – or even the most coveted.

He participated, as he always does if he’s healthy, at last week’s annual NHL media summit in Las Vegas. It was not the sun around which the event took place. In fact, Crosby was able to skip talking to print and online reporters, leaving that task for what looks like AvalancheMcKinnon, and oiledConor McDavid and others. And when others were polled about who was the best player in the game, Crosby was not selected; In fact, only one player chose him to be the second best player in the NHL.

slight? Nah.

so be crosby In the conversation between the best After 17 grueling seasons it is a testament to his talent, drive and historical greatness. Then again, still fiercely proud, former Penguins teammate Ryan Malone guessed Crosby hears when people say the elite among the younger generation – up against MacDavid, McKinnon and maple leavesAuston Matthews – I overdid it.

“I promise you he doesn’t think so,” Malone said.

Nor McKinnon, the NHL player outside of Pittsburgh who knows Crosby best. During his cup day as well as their training sessions, McKinnon picked up freshness for Crosby.

“I think he’s in a new chapter in his career,” McKinnon said. “He wants to play as long as he can at the elite level and that’s the new challenge for him… which is pretty cool.

“Syd was such a great season last year that he should have been there for the best player maybe too. Obviously the points and stuff weren’t high, but all he gives in the game – everything – I don’t think there’s anyone else I want on my team. “.

No need to worry about the good people of Pittsburgh. Crosby has three years left on his current contract. Tell Athletic Josh Yohei wants to play another six seasons He has publicly stated that he would like to retire with the penguins.

As last summer showed, Crosby’s desires are to command the penguins.

What else does Crosby want? Well, at McKinnon’s party, Crosby couldn’t help but notice something he had lost from his life.

“It just brings back memories,” he said of his visit with the Lord Stanley Silver Cup. “Parties. Experiences. And everything you go through when you win.

“I think it’s a good reminder of how close people are. You see[McKinnon’s]family and friends, you know, the people who are a part of it…when you’re on the other side of the party like that. And it was great to see him.”

“And it’s something that makes you even more excited about wanting to do it again.”

– the athleteSean Gentile contributed to this story

(Top photo: Charles Leclair/USA Today)

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