IRA contribution limits are going up in 2023. Here’s how to make the most of it

(Kylie Hagen) IRAs are popular because of the freedom they give you to invest your money however you want, but they have one drawback: their low contribution limits. In 2022, you can only contribute $6,000 to an IRA or $7,000 if you’re 50 or older. These limits apply to all of your IRA contributions, not … Read more

How sexism makes the economy worse

Betsy Stevenson, a professor at the University of Michigan and former chief economist for the US Department of Labor, told me that when she hit her mid-40s, she had an “aha moment.” “I was thinking, It’s great that I’ve reached this point in my career where I’m becoming more established. It’s very liberating,” she told … Read more

3 Tax moves that must be made by December 31

Dan Caplinger, The Motley Fool, Thanksgiving is here, and before you know it, it’s time to start planning your New Year’s Eve parties. But in addition to holiday shopping, planning for family trips, and everything else that comes with the holiday season, it’s important to tackle your tax planning before the end of December. In … Read more

$353 million in tax credits provided for Chesterfield “downtown” projects

CHESTERFIELD – A plan to create a “downtown” Chesterfield cleared its first major hurdle Monday when a special committee recommended receiving $353 million in tax incentives. The committee voted 9-3 to recommend that the City Council be given a tax incentive for two projects poised to create thousands of new apartments, restaurants and offices in … Read more

The acquisition should accelerate Disruptel’s path to viewers’ TVs

Alex Quinn is passionate about improving the TV viewing experience. The 23-year-old started working in high school on an artificial intelligence program that could make smart TVs smarter, able to answer viewers’ questions about what they watch and display ads relevant to their interests. Quinn believes the agreement reached this month puts his technology closer … Read more

Virginia’s Silent Crisis – Student Mental Health

Keith Berrigan Recently, an enormous amount of attention has been paid to the decline in student achievement in Virginia since 2019. That’s right. Ensuring that our current students recover academically from the effects of the pandemic and other factors is critical to their personal destiny and the collective success of the Commonwealth in the future. … Read more

Lucky Cat Seeking Help through Fall Call to Care

site specific Lucky Cat needs help. The ongoing impact of COVID-19 has increased the needs of community cats more than ever. The lack of low-cost vets due to understaffing and high costs has resulted in many new cats and kittens requiring emergency medical assistance in addition to general TNR (trap, neuter, and return) services. The … Read more

South Jersey Gas concludes AI training camp in Atlantic City

Will we soon be able to see the future before it happens? Atlantic City – A group of local high school students wrapped up a week-long “boot camp” on artificial intelligence on Saturday at the South Jersey Gas headquarters. From October 22 to Saturday, about 25 students in grades nine through 12 participated in the … Read more

Appendices: Mourning the Day Music Died at Stonington Farmers Market | guest columns

For those who frequent the venerable Stonington Farmers Market on Saturday mornings to shop, eat, or show their dogs, or three, especially now that the market has moved inside Stonington’s cavernous Velvet Mill for the winter season, there have long been two senses of touchstones that welcomed Beneficiaries as they enter the market’s surroundings: the … Read more

Health insurance does not create equal access

The number of Americans with health insurance soared to historic highs during the COVID-19 pandemic, but within that silver lining there is a darker shadow. Many Americans have policies that provide only limited financial protection, to the point that many patients have reported forgoing needed medical care or prescriptions to avoid being penalized for out-of-pocket … Read more