Low-market private equity firm Riverside Ltd sees growth in small portfolio companies despite talk of a recession

The private equity professionals at Riverside Private Equity Ltd said the view from Main Street is not as bearish as the current view on Wall Street. The Cleveland, New York-based company, which has about $13 billion in assets under management in companies worth $400 million or less, said the CEOs of its 101 companies remain … Read more

The stock markets have been really terrible this year – but here’s a way that can help on your next tax return

Here’s some solace to anyone who’s been attacked in the stock market this year: A battering your portfolio can provide some advantage in the upcoming tax season. It’s a strategy called “tax loss harvesting,” and as tax planning approaches the end of the year, financial experts say this backward strategy shouldn’t be limited to just … Read more

Falling markets block technology, the dollar, and private equity

font size Japan had to step in to support the sliding yen for the first time since 1998, even as it tries to keep interest rates low. Akio-kun / Bloomberg The world has been hooked on cheap money for years. We are now seeing what withdrawal looks like. Raising interest rates from zero led to … Read more