I’m a flight attendant, I’m 61 and I want to retire at 70. I’m going to get a $900 pension a month and I’ll get Social Security, but I only have $150,000 in my 401(k). Should I get professional help?

This hostess is looking for financial help from a counselor, but how should she choose the right person? Getty Images A question: I think I need a financial advisor. I am 61 years old and plan to retire at 70. I am a flight attendant and will have a pension of just over $900 a … Read more

This industry veteran says the best approach to the Fed’s decision may be to not play

It’s time for the Federal Reserve, which is expected to deliver a fourth consecutive massive increase, although it’s clear that bigger questions hang over plans for December onward. Understandably, Wall Street is on the fence, especially after Tuesday’s batch of data saying good is bad. our Today’s call From Stuck in the middle bloggerMr. Blonde … Read more

5 Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor Right Now About Inflation

The inflation rate in the euro area rose to 10.7% In October compared to last year, the highest number in the coin’s 23-year history. US inflation hit 8.2% in September, still hovering at a 40-decade high. In the UK, the rise in the cost of living was 10.1% year-on-year in September. In Singapore, the rate … Read more

Heavy Russian barrage on Ukraine, no water for most of Kyiv

Kyiv, Ukraine – A massive barrage of Russian cruise missiles and drone strikes hit critical infrastructure in Kyiv, Kharkiv and other Ukrainian cities early Monday, cutting off water and power supplies in an apparent response to what Moscow claimed was a Ukrainian attack on its fleet at sea. the black. Russia intensified its attacks on … Read more

The stock markets have been really terrible this year – but here’s a way that can help on your next tax return

Here’s some solace to anyone who’s been attacked in the stock market this year: A battering your portfolio can provide some advantage in the upcoming tax season. It’s a strategy called “tax loss harvesting,” and as tax planning approaches the end of the year, financial experts say this backward strategy shouldn’t be limited to just … Read more

My friend has a nicer house and says I should live with it. My mortgage has been paid off. He thinks I should pay half of his monthly costs. This ignites?

Dear Quentin, My friend owns a house with a 30-year mortgage balance of $150,000 at a 4% interest rate. He has $275,000 in cash and retirement accounts. He is retired. My house has been paid off. I have $50,000 in cash and retirement accounts. I would like to retire in one to two years. We … Read more

China tops the United States for the first time in the ranking of “best” universities in the world

China has overtaken the United States in a major ranking of the best universities in the world. Of the 2,000 schools from more than 90 countries ranked by US News & World Report, the list is ranked by 338 Chinese universities, compared to 280 in the US. It is the first time that China has … Read more

Russian authorities advise civilians to leave the area of ​​Ukraine

Kyiv, Ukraine – Russian authorities installed in Ukraine She asked all residents of Kherson to leave “immediately” on Saturday before the expected advance of Ukrainian forces who are launching a counter-attack to retake one of the first urban areas occupied by Russia after invading the country. In a post on the Telegram messaging service, the … Read more

Spending on Halloween is expected to rise by $500 million – candy prices are up at an all-time high

It’s going to be a big year for Halloween, even though millions of Americans are feeling the financial squeeze due to inflation. Total spending is expected to reach $10.6 billion, an increase of 5% or $500 million over last year, National Retail Federation estimates. That’s $2 billion or 20% of the $8.8 billion Halloween spending … Read more

6 tips you can use to help improve your credit score

Written by ADRIANA MORGA Associated Press New York – credit scoresComplicated And since rating agencies take into account many factors, the process of optimizing them can look different for everyone. When Willard Carpenter, 68, wanted a loan to open a new business, he realized his credit score wasn’t high enough to get approved. After checking … Read more