Biden aims to assert US leadership abroad at the UN and G20 climate summit

Sharm Alsheikh, Egypt CNN – It’s a story President Joe Biden At nearly every opportunity he says: Last year, when he met his new counterparts at his first international summit, he proudly told them, “America is back.” “till when?” Someone asked. As Biden departs this week for a week-long round-the-world trip, the question still resonates. … Read more

The Fed may have to blow up the economy to control inflation

A version of this story first appeared in CNN Business’ Before the Bell newsletter. Not a subscriber? You can register over here. New York CNN Business – The Federal Reserve is likely to raise interest rates by three-quarters of a percentage point again on Wednesday, its fourth consecutive large increase. Another increase of this size … Read more

Janet Yellen: Treasury Secretary says she sees no signs of recession in the US economy

CNN – Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Thursday in an exclusive interview with CNN that she sees no sign of that recession In the near term, as the US economy rebounded from six months of deflation. During a face-to-face interview in Ohio aired on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront,” Yellen said third-quarter GDP data released Thursday … Read more

Why do Republicans love it when Biden talks about the economy?

CNN – President Joe Biden In trouble. He has no choice but to talk about the economy in the inner region of the midterm elections – it’s the problem, given 40 years of high inflation and high gas prices, Voters worry more. But in doing so, he is calling attention to the greatest responsibility that … Read more

Here’s How Republicans Will Deal With Inflation

A version of this story appears in CNN’s What Matters newsletter. To get it in your inbox, sign up for free over here. CNN – Life is more expensive, which means that everyone gets a cut in his salary. And people are not happy with that. Gas prices are still high. high rents. service cost. … Read more

First on CNN: Next spring, the economy will plunge into a mild 1990-style recession, says Fitch

New York CNN Business – stubborn hypertrophy And the Federal Reserve Board Big hikes in interest rates It will lead the US economy into a mild 1990-style recession beginning in the spring, credit rating agency Fitch warned on Tuesday. In a report obtained first by CNN, Fitch has lowered its forecast for US growth for … Read more

Kanye West Acquires Parler

CNN Business – Kanye West acquires Parler, an alternative social media platform favored by many conservatives. Parler’s parent company announced the deal Monday morning, saying West has made a “pioneering stride in media freedom of expression and will never have to fear being removed from social media again.” The acquisition comes after West, who legally … Read more

Meet the new diverse crew of the International Space Station

A version of this story appeared in the Scientific Bulletin of The Theory of Wonders on CNN. To get it in your inbox, Subscribe for free here. CNN – When astronauts venture aboard the International Space Station, they see a world without borders. They work together while orbiting the Earth, and there is no visible … Read more

Opinion: The Fed doesn’t have a choice anymore. Prepare to slack

Editor’s note: Gad Levanon is the chief economist at the Burnt Glass Institute. He is the past president of the Conference Board’s Labor Market Institute. The opinions expressed in this comment are his own. For many economists and analysts, the US economy represented a paradox this year. On the one hand, increase in GDP It … Read more

SpaceX, NASA launches 3 astronauts and 1 astronaut to the International Space Station. Here’s everything you need to know

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory newsletter. Explore the universe with news of amazing discoveries, scientific advances and more. CNN – SpaceX and NASA launched a crew of astronauts from around the world on a trip to the International Space Station on Wednesday. The mission, which includes some historical firsts, moved forward even as geopolitical … Read more