Cuba’s informal market is finding new space on the growing internet

Havana – In our Telegram group chat, messages roll like waves. “I need ibuprofen and liquid acetaminophen, please,” one user wrote. “It’s urgent, it’s for my 10-month-old.” Others offer medicines brought in from outside Cuba, adding, “Write to me in a direct letter.” Lists dotted with emojis offer antibiotics, pregnancy tests, vitamins, rash creams, and … Read more

Holiday shopping begins as inflationary sentiment drops

NEW YORK (AP) — While Black Friday will mark a return to familiar holiday shopping patterns, uncertainty remains. The US labor market remains strong, consumer spending is resilient and inflation is slowing. But higher prices for food, rent, gasoline and other household costs have weighed on shoppers. As a result, many are reluctant to spend … Read more

Here’s how you can change your lifestyle to feel happier and more content

Continue reading this article as we discuss lifestyle changes that can help you feel happier and more content. Regular exercise can boost happiness and self-esteem A happy and healthy mind is really helpful. A healthy mind can do more mental work, just as a healthy body can do more physical work. Stress signals in the … Read more

How chains like McDonald’s and Mom’s and the Pops deal with inflation

Customers at McDonald’s Scott Millian | CNBC As the restaurant industry battles inflation, the chains’ large size and access to cash gives them the upper hand, but independents have advantages of their own when managing higher costs. Feeling a strain on their budgets, consumers have cut back on their visits to restaurants in recent months. … Read more

Medibank data breach: How to switch health insurance companies if you’re concerned about cybersecurity, costs, or claims

More than half of Australians are pregnant Private health insurance. About a quarter, or nearly four million people, are members of Medibank – Australia’s largest health insurer and the company at the heart of the Electronic security busts. Watch the video above: How to protect yourself after a data breach. For more health and wellbeing … Read more

7 signs that you are ready to be an entrepreneur

opinions expressed Entrepreneur Shareholders are theirs. I recently had a call with one of my best friends who had moved to London to work for a large multinational public company. She is talented, successful and hard working. However, she called me full of tears, worry, and anger. “They’re restructuring the company; they’re cutting positions. My … Read more

“Gay” was added to the Bible by mistake, and the claims of controversial films

Hell has no fury like TikTokers’ contempt. A director said she had been subjected to a fierce defamation campaign on social media before that Launching her new documentarywhich claims that the word “gay” was accidentally introduced into the Bible in 1946. Sharon “Rocky” Roggio is the manager “1946: The Mistranslation That Changed Culture,” Which doesn’t … Read more

Dietitian shares her top 5 “healthy” takeaways – they include Taco Bell, Chick-fil-A, and Panda Express

Sometimes you are too busy to go Grocery shoppingmeal prep and Home cooking, so you have to stop when driving. Even as a nutritionist, I’ve been in this situation many times, and it’s not the end of the world. Small, sustainable changes are key to a healthy diet – you don’t have to quit cold … Read more

3 side struggles you can start with for $50 or less

In 2018, I started trying the side business of paying off my $40,000 debt in credit cards and student loans. Today, you’ve accomplished that goal – and more. In 2021 I created enough income streams to quit my $98,500 a year engineering job and work in my business full time. I’m twenty-eight, I’m my managerI … Read more

The takeover of our museums is almost over

Our museums and art galleries have changed a lot. In the past, they were there to teach. they are now Prefer to preach. At nearly every major exhibition these days, we find ourselves exposed to finger-pointing lectures about the evils of Western colonialism, transphobia, and other obsessions of the left in the twenty-first century—regardless of … Read more