Lyman: The withdrawal of Russian forces from the strategic city of Donetsk, a day after Moscow annexed the region

Kyiv, Ukraine CNN – The Russian Defense Ministry said, on Saturday, that Russian forces withdrew from the strategic city of Lyman for its operations in the east, just one day after Moscow withdrew. annex area The West declared it illegal. “In connection with the creation of a threat of encirclement, the allied forces were withdrawn … Read more

Russian torture chambers revealed in the Ukrainian city of Balaklia

Balaklia, Eastern Ukraine – “Our Father who is in Heaven,” the words of the Lord’s Prayer begin in the side of a wall in a turning police station torture chamber In the recently liberated city of Balaklia. The floors of the cells were still stained with blood, and the smell of human excrement and rotting … Read more

Russia hits power plants after Ukraine counterattack

Kyiv, Ukraine (AFP) – Russia attacked power plants and other infrastructure on Sunday, causing widespread outages across Ukraine as Kievan forces pressed into a swift counterattack that pushed Moscow’s forces out of previously occupied areas in the northeast. The bombing started a massive fire at a power station in the western outskirts of Kharkiv and … Read more