Russia is baffled by the “expensive” fight for Bakhmut, Ukraine

The Russian military is pouring its resources into capturing the small city of Bakhmut, baffling intelligence analysts who say the city in eastern Ukraine is of little strategic importance. Russian forces are trying to encircle the city in the Donetsk region, one of four regions Russia has claimed as its own. But Bakhmut, which had … Read more

An “assassination attempt” on Pakistan’s envoy in the Afghan capital | News

Pakistan’s prime minister says an “assassination attempt” has targeted a senior Pakistani diplomat in Afghanistan, as tensions intensify between neighboring countries. Pakistan’s foreign ministry said on Friday that the head of mission, Abid Rahman Nizamani, was the target of an attack on its embassy compound, adding that a Pakistani security guard was seriously injured in … Read more

A Whitstable man who used to be nicknamed ‘Bahl’ wins a bodybuilding competition

A man once described as a “lean trumpet” due to his skinny looks has turned into a bodybuilding champion. Tom Thurman, of eatstableHe aspired to become a professional soccer player, but his dreams were shattered after he was told he was not strong enough. Tom Thurman, of Whitstable, before and after he swells. Photo: Thomas … Read more

Teen uses her veteran mom’s mental health journey to help others

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – You could say that service to the country is in Captain Caroline Furdick’s DNA. A third-generation female officer, military service runs deep in her lineage. My mother served, my father’s mother served. And then both my grandfather’s, my father’s – my uncle’s too,” said Furdick. “I’m standing on the backs of lions.” … Read more

The suspect with mental health issues faces 8 counts

Police: The Prior Lakes family fled the home before the suspect barricaded himself inside The suspect fled police on Friday afternoon and ran into a home, with Prior Lake officers close behind them. The family fled the home before the suspect barricaded himself inside. A standoff with police began for nearly nine hours. Prior Lake, … Read more

New York Liberty: Black Friday Wish List

In its quest to find items on its Black Friday wish list, the New York Liberty won’t have to deal with crowds and camping out in the immediate aftermath of Thanksgiving dinner. Instead, they’ll face more dangerous threats that almost every reveler can empathize with: their 11 WNBA sisters. Despite its relatively dismal end, Liberty’s … Read more

NASCAR mulls ending cautions stage on road courses: reports

NASCAR He’s made bold decisions in recent years, expanding his schedule to include a variety of different tracks. This year, they’ve added Clash at the Coliseum and World Wide Technology Raceway. In the 2023 season, the Cup Series will reach Chicago streets. Many fans are excited to see the drivers put their skills to the … Read more

Anwar begins work in Malaysia, promising inclusive government | Election news

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim began serving as Prime Minister of Malaysia after promising to lead an inclusive government in the multi-ethnic and multi-faith Southeast Asian nation. Anwar arrived at the prime minister’s office in the administrative capital Putrajaya on Friday at 9 am (01:00 GMT), after being sworn in by the king the day … Read more

Dumoulin Competition ‘Race Against Cancer’ 2022 Campaign Beats Expectations: $116,041 Over Seven Seasons

When Dumoulin launched Season 7 of its Race Against Cancer fundraiser, the team could not have expected that all records would be broken in 2022. Our goal was to reach a total donation to the Quebec Cancer Foundation of $100,000. The call to action was answered by the people, businesses, and organizations who believed in … Read more

SpaceX is preparing for a resupply mission to the International Space Station

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER If Mother Nature allows, SpaceX could have a rare double launch on Tuesday: a resupply mission in the afternoon and a satellite launch in the evening. SpaceX hopes to send the last of its new cargo spacecraft, Dragon, to the International Space Station (ISS) on Tuesday afternoon for the 26th Commercial Resupply … Read more