European markets open for closing, earnings, data and news

An analyst says the UK is in a pandemic-style easing phase, without pandemic-style monetary policy Market players may underestimate how an oversupply of British bonds will affect them, according to Imogen Bachra, head of UK price strategy at NatWest. “Even if the Bank of England did not sell its business back to the market, the … Read more

European stocks open to close; Markets brace for more Fed rate action

Stocks on the move: Fortum up 9%, Uniper 34% after nationalization deal Finland shares Fortum It rose more than 9% in the early afternoon, after the company agreed to sell its 56% stake in the beleaguered German facilities. Uniper The German government in a nationalization deal. Uniper shares fell more than 34% in Frankfurt. At … Read more

August industrial production, retail sales

August was marked by sweltering temperatures in parts of China, leading to temporary power rationing in some areas. Pictured here on August 24, 2022, the skyline of the central city of Chongqing is shown with the lights partially turned off to conserve energy during a heat wave. Vcg | China Optical Group | Getty Images … Read more