Ty Gibbs’ top 10 odds are completely broken

Chris Bucher He opened the week 125-1 to beat Bristol and took A 13.4 profit unit for last week’s column On one share only. This brings the column to +15.5 units over the past two weeks, as Bubba Wallace Hit at 1-20 the previous week. The Cup Series is now heading to Texas Motor Speedway for a 1.5-mile high-speed track — and NASCAR Prospects Autotrader EchoPark Automotive 500 They were released. Bettors can find value on featured drivers in a file Autotrader EchoPark Automotive 500 picks and predictions less.

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2022 NASCAR Autotrader EchoPark Automotive 500 Possibilities, Choices and Predictions

Autotrader EchoPark Automotive 500 betting odds

Christopher Bell Wayne | +900 (25 units) in Barstool

The entire Toyota camp looked great in the mid-high speed ovals. Kurt Busch And the Bubba Wallace He won the Kansas race. Wallace, Denny Hamlin And the Christopher Bell All of them drove at least 20 laps in Michigan, and two of them finished inside the top three. Hamlin won a Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway, both Bill and Kyle Bush Join him in the top ten. Of the four selected comparison events, Toyotas drivers have won three times and have 13 of the top 20 possible results.

Since then, the Toyota camp’s focus has been reduced to drivers. With both the Bush brothers eliminated from the playoffs, and with Wallace racing only for the Owner’s Championship, only Hamlin and Bell remain in the playoff match. As a result, Joe Gibbs Racing has already transferred younger brother Busch’s crew chief to Team #11 Hamlin.

Bill offers much more value than Hamlin in the ASCAR betting markets and bettors must risk a quarter of a unit on him to lock in a profit of 2.25 units. Hamlin sits between 7-2 and 6-1 and is a favorite in every book. In contrast, the Bell streak varies from 7-1 and 9-1, with Barstool and PointsBet posting the best deals. Bale has also qualified better than Hamlin in three of the four comparison events, so his streak is more likely to be shortened before Sunday than Hamlin.

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Austin Cendrick Wayne | +5500 (.1 units) in FanDuel
Austin Cedric TOP 10 | +155 (.4 units) in FanDuel

While Toyotas will likely offer the most value to win this weekend, Fords have been heading in the right direction on these tracks. After the Kansas spring race in which Ford didn’t score a top 1o score, three Ford cars scored in the top 10 in Michigan in August, and a Ford driver Ryan Blaney Record the Top 10 in the Kansas Fall Race. Austin Cendrick She crashed in Charlotte and Michigan but finished 11th and 12th in the two Kansas races. He also drove the third most laps and finished third in the All-Star Race in May in Texas.

Ford cars lacked the raw speed needed to control the high-speed ovals, but Kevin HarvickThe team’s win in Michigan proved that the Blue Ovals still had enough speed to win. Cindric clearly has the talent to go on to win at a track like this, as he has run eight Xfinity Series races in Texas and scored six Top 5 races and a win. It’s just a matter of whether the second team will get a chance to make an aggressive call late in the race. With Cindric entering Round 12 at number 12, find his team to take the risks needed to make the next round.

However, the Cindric team may choose to play for points if the race-winning scenario does not appear. If that happens, Cindric has already proven that he can drive his gear to the top 12 finishes in a high-speed medium. He’ll need two more positions to take advantage of the top 10, but late-race mechanical failures and tires that have been so frequent this season could take out an opponent or two and give Cindric the help he needs. Cindric is kind of NASCAR’s long-term pick for the Autotrader EchoPark Automotive 500, but the value is there for its implied odds.

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T Gibbs Top 10 | +360 (.25 units) in FanDuel

This line is simply too long. No Toyota driver should have odds longer than +150 to score in the top 10, including Ty Gibbs, especially after the last Kansas race. Four of the six Toyota drivers scored in the top 5 in the event. The two drivers who didn’t, Gibbs and Kyle Busch, suffered smashed tires and sustained damage as a result. In Michigan, four of the six Toyota drivers scored in the top 10. Those who didn’t, both Bill and Kyle Busch, had both ran in front before crashing.

The books lower Gibbs because the 19-year-old driver has one of the top 10 players in the nine-cup streak he’s starting. He hasn’t finished better than 34th over the past two races, but Gibbs and Toyota have shown more than enough speed to warrant much shorter odds this weekend. He has demonstrated the talent needed to succeed at the Trophy Series level. Gibbs already has nine wins in 40 starts of the Xfinity Series, and his Xfinity win rate is 22.5%. Chase Elliot(6%), Tyler Riddick(10.4%) and Bell (22.3%). Gibbs was no worse than second in four series starting at Xfinity in Kansas, Charlotte and Michigan this year, despite his poor performance in Texas.

With only 36 cars entered, the initial mathematical odds of any driver scoring the top 10 in Texas this week were 27.7%. Toyota Gibbs gear gives him a massive advantage over most drivers in the field, so the 21.7% chance of his +360 odds doesn’t make sense. DraftKings only has that number at +300, so head over to FanDuel quickly to get the best deal.

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