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The US has avoided a major rail strike (for now). President Joe Biden said unions and railroad companies A tentative deal has been reached.

Ethereum has completed its integration. The Ambitious Program Update It should allow the world’s second largest cryptocurrency network to be faster, cheaper, and more energy efficient.

The billionaire Patagonian founder has left his company to fight climate change. Yvonne Chouinard and his family pass off the $3 billion apparel maker To a credit and non-profit organization Dedicated to preserving the environment.

California has accused Amazon of antitrust violation. State attorney general File a lawsuit against the companythe claim that its contracts with outside vendors stifle competition.

The new CEO of Shell comes from the gas and renewable energy division. Wael Sawan’s appointment To succeed Ben van Beurden Indicates a shift in priorities in the energy giant.

Brazilian mobile payment services company EBANX is expanding in Africa. The Targeting unicorn fintech Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

What to watch

Virtual reality fans attending the Tokyo Game Show, the video game industry’s annual trade fair that opens today, will be the first members of the general public to receive Sony’s second generation PlayStation virtual reality headset, the PSVR2.

Once at the forefront of VR development, PSVR2 represents Sony Renewed commitment to virtual reality. When it released the original PSVR in 2016, it quickly surpassed competition headset sales like the Oculus Rift and was listed as one of Time’s best inventions of the year. But while it has had positive reviews, less than 5% of PlayStation owners actually purchased the device in the first three years after its launch. Sony executives seem to have lost interest in technology as sales slump in 2020. In October of that year, Sony PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan predicted that virtual reality wouldn’t be a useful part of gaming for years.

So it came as a surprise – and a relief to VR fans – when Sony announced it PSVR2 development In February 2021.

How worried is China about the yuan’s decline?

Chinese yuan It’s down 9.5% this year against the US dollar, close to what some analysts consider the important seven-dollar mark. An expected 75-point Fed rate hike next week could cause the yuan to fall even more.

One of the factors behind the weak performance of the yuan is high value of the dollar. Another problem is China’s continuing economic woes, from its faltering real estate sector to the turmoil caused by its strict no-virus policy.

So far, the Chinese authorities do not seem too alarmed. “In the future, the world will continue to strengthen the recognition of the renminbi,” Liu Juqiang, deputy governor of China’s central bank, said at a policy briefing last week.

Image copyright: Mary Hoy

Check the progress of the sustainable development goals!

You will hear a lot about the Sustainable Development Goals – the Sustainable Development Goals – during the United Nations General Assembly, which kicked off this week in New York. And rightly so: in 2015, UN member states agreed to this A series of ambitious goals (Here’s a Helpful video explanationin Japanese) aims to reduce poverty, fight inequality and halt climate change by 2030.

Our latest limited email series, Need to Know: UNGA 2022, will track progress on some of the key Sustainable Development Goals. Let’s wet your whistle with a few numbers:

17: total sustainable development goals.

193: UN member states that have agreed to the goals.

169: Individual goals within the SDGs themselves, such as, “Reduce the neonatal mortality rate to at least 12 per 1,000 live births” or “Reduce and address the effects of ocean acidification.”

$176 trillion: Estimated cost of achieving all targets by 2030.

😬: Expected progress so far.

Will the world’s largest political summit surprise us by reporting impressive achievements on the Sustainable Development Goals? We can hope! Follow us Need to know: UN General Assembly 2022 emailGet updates every few days for the next two weeks.

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Surprising discoveries

La Niña is back again. Weather phenomenon formed For the third year in a row In the Pacific – only the third time this has happened since records began.

Our fellow mammals can teach us how to soothe crying babies. small animals becomes more voluntary When a parent carries it, this effect is known as the ‘transfer response’.

Exotic diamonds are harder than terrestrial species. Scientists complain Its unusual hexagonal structure has a relationship with him.

The capital of Kazakhstan will return to its former name. Astana Her name was changed to Nur-Sultan in 2019 to honor outgoing leader Nursultan Nazarbayev, but relations between him and his successor have since soured.

Chinese influencers look to IKEA lockers for an American high school vibe. fashion trend is all the rage On the social media platform Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu), but it can be difficult to get the original settings.

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