“We both did it as parents.”

Roger Federer computes he and Serena Williams She “brought different things” to tennis, but the most important thing is that they did it as parents. At the same time, it was funny for the Swiss maestro to think about how he got his start.

While Federer will stop his racket this week after a glowing 24-year career, Williams announced that he quit earlier this month, ending a illustrious 27-year career.

Remember how they both started when they were young, 20 times Big bangs The champ remarked that he never expected to play both of them even after turning 40.

“[Serena Williams and I have brought different things] Federer said in an interview with Sky Sports: “It’s funny to think of it like that because we were young and we did it on tour and we didn’t think we’d end up with that.”

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